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Anthony Tarsitano's Movie: "Calling It Quits" Open Mic 26

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 Anthony sent me the movie that he made and we talked about how to tell an "alternative story".  This would be a deeper look at what could possibly drive the world as we know and experience it.  In other words, how can we see a bigger picture of life, when we constantly are looking from the contracted smaller picture.  It just does not show up in that limited vision.

I applaud his movie for putting the cards on the table, to look at the satisfactions and dis-satisfactions of life, in an honest way.  I think that we are both wanting to build on this model.  We both want to find deeper and better ways to approach a wider more inclusive consciousness.

I am doing it with with interviews and dialogues, and Anthony shares that he is already working on new projects.  You can support his work by investigating and purchasing his movie.


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Thank you Richard

I purchased this movie, and I was very happy to see that finally someone makes a movie that is about an everyday person in the everyday life-situation making the ultimate discovery.

Perhaps more movies will be made about this and so much of the mystery will be replaced with simple truth.

Thank you, Richard, for your interview which led me to this movie. I enjoyed it very much. :)