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Where is Morality and Integrity?

Guru Swami GGuru Swami G

It's amazing how immorality and integrity are so easily
exchanged for that quick feel good moment. What
has happened to humanity ? People not only do not
value others but they also do not value themselves in
the least.

Have been asked about polyunions lately and don't
people have enough problems on their plate just
managing one relationship at a time ? Even if these
are minus the sexual aspect, which in most cases is fully
in play; there still remains all the jealousy and other
emotional drama traumas of mental loops and hoops
to be waded through.

There could be so much turmoil avoided if just this simple
pointing were put into effect and that is to keep sex on the
back burner and find out what values - direction - and life
partner reality this possible union may have. Sex comes and
it goes and when one is being driven by the gonads of
WOW am i ever turned on so this MUST be Love, it is going
to do little more than keep the head spinning and the
mind going and the body revved up until the newness
wears off and that veneer of excitement is replaced
with where did this godzilla come from ?

OK you say but i am not looking for a life partner just a
little fun. What is fun in the emotional turmoil that results
when one discovers a pregnancy OR that they have received
or given some communicable disease ? Or that one person
is looking for a relationship ? There are so many dramas
that arise from this besides once again being driven into
justifications and seeking that feel good moment which is

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