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5-day Ladies-Retreat with Julia Schlosser, Mallorca-Spain

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By Florian Schlosser - Posted on 11 September 2011

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

Oct 19-23, 2011 on Mallorca, Spain

I am very happy to welcome you back for 5 days of consciously being and living together.

Being amongst women only creates a feeling of safety, a sense of togetherness and belonging - beautiful!
Such an opportunity to drop deeper into being a woman, get inspired and find out about the uniqueness of this expression.

How would your 'genuine you' show up in life without any concept, any expectation and any thought of what it should look like?

This Retreat will take place in our private home. The beauty and stillness of the place allows a resting and enjoyment, which supports the exploration beyond words. Of course it is not a seminar house, so only very limited space (for max 5-7 of us) is available.

Here the practicalities:
* Retreat fee €250, accommodation & full board €200
* start Wed 6pm with dinner, end Sun 2pm after lunch
* shared rooms available with en suite bathrooms, tent and extra beds if necessary
* transfer from the airport can be ordered (& shared) for €50 one way or rent (& share) a car
* food will be prepared by all of us together

All of us were touched by the depth and flow of the days we spent together last year in the Ladies Retreat.
I am sure also this year it is going to be a miraculous time.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
LOVE Julia

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