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I'll tell why I like the story Amber or Amethyst

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By RichardMiller - Posted on 07 September 2014

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

I posted this story some days ago and maybe some of you have read it.  (No comments as of yet.)  I'll leave the original post in blue so that you can trace the link and look the story over.

I have been reading a lot of short stories from various authors, a great way to get to know about lots of periods in lots of countries. Some are quick, fun reads, almost kids books, but I find some of them quite profound.  Here's a fun (short) one.  I want to say why I like it, but I don't want to take away your curiosity.  So maybe I'll write some comments in a week or so.

The story is about a 12 year old boy, Liam, that dreams of all the things that he can become.  His dreams are amazing, and of course we know that this wasn't written by a 12 year old.  He has discovered many many values to run his life by, values that I would say many adults might take decades to discover.  Maybe they are looking in the wrong place?

This brings up the question in me of how do we come by our values, and how do we believe that we could really embody them?  First, these values are verbal distinctions, and until we have laid them out in the domain of language, I'm not so sure that they exist.  We say that mother's love is instinctive, and maybe some other qualities of life are already here too, I don't know?  Maybe they aren't fully activated, until they also become verbal.

1. In this case the boy has picked up these distinctions by reading gemstone manuals.  He has adopted the belief that everything is imbued with a quality of energy, and gemstones are a font of pure energy, each with a particular focus or "power".  Here is a list of the attributes that he seeks to add to his life.


1. balance and reason quartz
2. intensity and alertness jasper
3. strength and endurance nickel
4. poise and determination granite
5. truth and honesty amethyst
6. empathy and mercy copper
7. bravery and valor bronze
8. connectivity and communion magnets
9. protection from sadness with positive healing energy amber
10. mastery over pain emerald
11. defy gravity diamonds
12. impenetrable platinum
13. ferocious strength rubies
14. astounding acceleration mercury
15. move objects with the telekinetic gold
17. time travel moon rock
Black stones emit dark energy  
sapphire, onyx, and volcanic glass take care
protect defense and anonymity the mask
ward away dark energy aluminum


The boy acted out these qualities with varying amounts of improving ability, merely by saying he had these attributes.  It was his verbal creative act.

2.  He said some other amazing things: "Humans are potential energy, just waiting to happen."  Wow, what holds it back?  I'd say that is it the lack of powerful distinctions, and it's the adopting of weakening beliefs that limit us all.  We run our lives on bogus definitions.  Why?  We adopt the common conventional wisdom, and we never really engage to experiment with what we see, and discover how life really works.

3. Here's another one, "it's scary when you have just your feelings holding you together."  Isn't that all we ever really have?  If there is a lot of agreement around them, well that agreement is another strong feeling.  I believe that you can be the author (for the most part) of your feelings as another creative act.  It all boils down to using an open definition set.  To do that you need to realize that life is always a learning process, and your "truths" are subject to being updated every day.

4.  Another character in the book makes some discoveries. She says, "I thought that having someone to love and to love me would make me a stronger person.  But it made me a weaker person, because it made me believe that I couldn't survive without those things.  It encouraged my fear of being alone."

And then she says, " A strange thing about getting older is that you start telling yourself little lies to smooth over all the awkward things that  you'd rather not think about, or can't cope with or can't change.  You tell yourself that it's alright.  I am happy, and if you say it often enough you begin to believe it.  Sometimes it takes someone else to get you to look at what you've been avoiding.  Even though you know these things, it can come as a shock."

It is true that we definitely tell ourselves a story that reinforces our present circumstances.  I think that is natural.  There are always many ways to look at each situation.  It takes the belief in power-through-tension to keep your focus on what doesn't work.  Still that comforting story doesn't block you if there is an opening, and you have remained flexible enough to take the jump out.  Mostly that jump doesn't have a for certain landing point, so you need a sense of adventure too.

The way the story's character talks, what irritates her is taken as a truth.  When you really learn the power of distinctions, you will also learn to defuse what was irritating to you before.  Anyway, by now it is probably just a memory that you hang on to. 

So Please Let It Go.


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