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Consciousness Online ~ Sharing Commonsense Co-Consciously

By Sperry Andrews - Posted on 18 March 2011

Sperry AndrewsSperry Andrews

This group consciousness practice shows you how to reliably focus the attention and intention of a group to experience the joy of feeling liberated and at peace with everyone and everything. A state referred to as Cosmic Consciousness is often achieved, an unmistakable sense of existing in a unity with all people and the whole of Nature. In a word : PARADISE.

“We experienced his work to be very powerful and highly recommend it.”~ John and Lynn Marie Lumiere-Wins

"There was ‘no-other’ in total oneness. Deep joy and bliss."
~ Judy Woodrow

Awakeness has no image, yet - like a mirror - it unites, reflects and transforms our imaginations, causing love and awe; by sharing awakeness, the delusions of separation dissolve, awakening and enlightening our selves and all of humankind.

This practice is about the quality of your awakeness inducing unity consciousness, by simply listening to yourself and "others" speak. It is not as much about the content of your mind, as it is about all of us experiencing "who or what" is looking, experiencing, and expressing your and our feelings. As "this" is rarely - if ever - done in conversation, it serves to further awaken our senses in surprising ways. This time together supports us to unlearn old habits while creating new more conscious ways of being. By learning to be aware of awakeness, we learn to share a commonly sensed spiritual intelligence. 

You can be added to the invite list for our FREE Groups, happening every week, three times a week, on Tuesdays 7:30-9 am PDT (for 90 minutes), Thursdays 7:30-9:30am PDT (for 2 hours) and on Sundays from 10:30am to 12:30pm PDT.

We meet on Google PLUS, so you will need BOTH a Google Account and Google plus account to participate.

You can contact Us through our Google Plus page "".

And You can read more about what we´re doing at 

Here´s an overview of how we are accomplishing what we are offering for free to you.

How IT Happens

It starts by us paying attention together,
noticing what we sense and feel and taking turns speaking.

We speak about what we´re noticing, as we´re noticing it,
without referring to the past or future.

We avoid explaining our emotions and sensations,
and let go of thoughts about what we and others have said.

By speaking at least three full sentences,
everyone can tune into You beyond just your words.

We become aware of being "awakeness" itself.
We realize how incomparably unique we are each moment.

Every one notices an ever-fresh, unmistakably infinite
assortment of "qualities" without judgement, boundary or beginning.

While enjoying listening to each of us express ourselves uniquely,
we give more importance to what all of us sense as formless and changeless.

Our focus naturally shifts from the content
(the words and their meanings)
to the still silent context of "awakeness".

Before we know it, our sense of being separate individuals dissolves, revealing "our commonsense", wherein words seem to make waves in an ocean of consciousness.

What people are saying:

"This process drops us into unity. We feel our interconnected oneness beyond the illusion of space and time. We come to know firsthand how to embody the awareness spoken of by enlightened masters and teachers throughout the ages. Now, in a simple and "real time" experience each participant may come into a co-created field of harmony and love, leaving all with a profound and lasting sense of inner peace and trust." - Allen David Reed

"My sense of having a separate body melted in the warm, delicious energy that engulfed the whole group. Thoughts had no power and floated by like clouds. Emotions transformed into what I experienced to be the empty fullness spoken of by the sages, or eternal Love itself. The embodiment of what cannot adequately be spoken of happened. It was blissful, and once experienced, nothing can, or will ever, be the same. This is a life changing event." - Judy Woodrow

Practical Points:

At the beginning, please let go of the urge to offer ideas or suggestions. The facilitator from time-to-time may add in ideas and suggestions - to further clarify awakeness.

Be available five minutes before the start time, so the group can begin on time. If you are more than ten minutes late, you will not be able to join the group. It´s like we´re taking off in a plane: everybody needs to be on-board when the plane takes off.

Please join the circle with the intention to stay until the end. The quality of our connection to Oneness depends on each of us participating in this fascinating process for the full time.

Please do all you can to take responsibility for the quality of your sound transmission. Check the clarity of your microphone and webcam. Arrange for adequate lighting and compose your appearance on video. Speak slowly, separating your words consciously, with sufficient volume, so you have a sense of being heard as you are speaking. Always MUTE your mic after speaking to avoid background noise for all.


Be Sure to Re-start your computer before joining the Hangout, to avoid losing your connection during the Hangout. Also, do be sure to collapse all tabs and close all other programs, for optimum audio/visual clarity. You are being broadcast LIVE ONLINE.


“You are where your attention takes you. In fact, you are your attention. If your attention is fragmented you are fragmented. When your attention is in the past, you are in the past. When your attention is in the present moment, you are in the Presence of God and God is present in You. Let yourself die to all that does not really exist and discover what does. Let go of all you think you know.” ~ Ken Carey

How do you feel when you do something unfamiliar
that you think ‘might-not’ even appeal or matter to you ~ at all ?

Even if it's something new, I really want to explore, I know I’ll have to contend with mental and emotional resistance. For example, my conscious-mind might want to go bungee jumping, while my sub-conscious mind will do its best to succeed in sabotaging this possibility. Have you had similar experiences? Is this at all familiar?

What if there’s something we all can do ~ together ~ that's enjoyable, truly worthwhile and wonderful, that thousands have now experienced ~ all around the world? What if we can journey through our awkwardness together, satisfying our need to avoid whatever boring or awful thing we’re afraid might happen, only to arrive at a place where our mind is silent and in awe ~ even in love with what we find ?

Would you be willing to spend the time it takes to cross this uncertain threshold ~ with other intrepid souls ~ surrendering your doubts, in exchange for a much more secure sense of being than you may-have-ever experienced before; a serenity and safety and well-being that you can feel, touch and know intimately throughout the cells of your body, heart and mind?

Does this sound scary, unlikely, confusing or even impossible? Or is it deliciously tempting? As your facilitator, I want to satisfy your mind ~ in advance and set your heart and body at ease.

After we've settled in and there are no more technical challenges or questions, we begin. From here, it may take fifteen to twenty minutes to arrive in the ‘ground of our being’ ~ in what can be called a commonly-sensed-reality. Our 'arrival time' is dependent only on how readily we each relax, enjoy ourselves and fully participate ~ according to the following guidelines.

We need to start and finish on time ~ as a group, setting aside all distractions. Stepping away temporarily is ok. Please know, later meetings, when you're more experienced, will be much more informal, where popping in-and-out can be fun and stimulating.

Having gathered for this video conference, and confirming we can all hear and see each other, we'll be asked to gaze-into the seeing-eye of our webcam ~ with unbroken eye contact. By noticing that we are being noticed, we gradually become more aware of the quality and presence of our own attention. We will be guided to speak ~ in-turn ~ two-or-three sentences, about what we’re noticing ~ as we are noticing it ~ without referring to the past, or future, and without voicing ideas “about” what we are doing or experiencing.

Over the fifteen to twenty minutes it typically takes to settle down, we will notice our mind(s) slowing down and falling silent. Our visual capacity will have expanded. We now can watch our video-images and the eye of our webcam, as well as our own awakening awareness ~ as an undivided whole.

Expressing what we’re noticing ~ as we’re noticing it ~ is “the practice”. Speaking slowly ~ as awareness ~ into the listening of our group, we begin to sense each other ‘energetically’. We experience the sound of our own voice, and a sense of being heard, as we point the group’s attention to whatever we are noticing with them. One by one, we each take our turn ~ at speaking. As the facilitator, I will help by suggesting things for us to notice.

As we enter into thoughtless awareness together, it can become challenging for some to find the motivation to speak. Deliberately exercising our ability to talk when our mind is silent, helps us learn to live without stress in our daily lives.

For some, there can be a deeply-engrained dogma and/or personal preference to not speak, in the hope of 'achieving' peace of mind ~ in a more familiar way. Yet, for the success of this practice, it’s necessary for everyone to continue speaking - on at a time - as much as anyone else, in order to wholly integrate still deeper levels of the verbal and non-verbal brain. It’s even OK to say: “I do not know what to say, yet I’m speaking slowly. And, I will now say a third sentence. This feels weird, scary, awkward and exciting ~ all at the same time.”

This practice enriches the way we pay attention together, significantly improving the quality of all our relationships. Experimentally derived over many years, this group exercise has now worked successfully for thousands of people internationally. By actively entering into a simple conversation with specific guidelines and a meditative focus, any interested and willing group can achieve deep rapport, creativity and acceptance. Participants learn to sense, feel and think together intuitively. This leverages the whole group into a heightened state of consciousness.
With greater mental and emotional coherence, each person experiences the intelligence of being interconnected. There is the joy of feeling liberated and at peace with everyone and everything. It seems impossible to do anything wrong. What was disturbing and overwhelming, appears organized and interesting. There's an unmistakable sense of existing in a unity with all people and the whole of nature.
There are many known applications. You'll enjoy working, playing, or just being: including healing, both psychological and physical; telepathy between groups, including collective remote viewing and mind/matter interactions; rapid consensus for decision making, problem solving and creative development in families, relationships, communities, politics and business; optimum performance in sports and any type of collaborative activity - from symphony orchestras to surgical teams. This group consciousness technique can reliably focus the attention and intention of a group to perform tasks with a high level of insight, intensity and productivity.

As the content of our mind(s) no longer eclipses, or divides, our Consciousness, we experience the ecstasy of being Love its Self.

Come find out what happens next.



As an experiential scientist who has facilitated hundreds of groups ~ internationally ~ over more than twenty years, precisely researching how any individual ~ as well as humanity as a whole ~ can consistently share collective intelligence joyfully, I'm thrilled to say: Joy arises spontaneously and unasked for ~ whenever present-moment-awareness is made aware of itself.

Awakened adepts have recommended this level of Self-reflective awareness for thousands of years. Through a near-death experience at age four, I re-discovered this fact, and over the course of several decades thoroughly tested a simple and readily accessible way that reliably supports any group to enter into this level of joyful consciousness together: in person or via webcam online. A film project is now underway that's designed to provide this 'experience' to audiences in theaters, to awaken us to our collective Self.

Sperry Andrews, co-director
Human Connection Institute


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