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The contents of "The Personhood Package."

By DocT - Posted on 21 April 2011

Gregory TuckerGregory Tucker

The dream features the dreamers using their rendition of "The Personhood Package" in the dream to defending "The Master Lie, or what it takes in this dream to defend the fiction right now is real, and not a mind generated dream. If right now can only be a Mind generated dream (MGD), then trying to prove truth is false can only be a mind generated charade, featuring the dreamers in 'reality' defending the lie it's possible to prove truth is false with their rendition of "The Personhood Package," which always includes story, or the conclusions the dreamer assembles to defend the fiction right now is real, the self, which is becomes the hero in the dreamer's story, and the skit, or how the dreamer engaged in "The Endless re-run of it's story,' for a lifetime, or until the dreamer wakes up.

The dreamer's skit features the invented self playing the part of some kind of a person by keeping the fiction in place the dreamer's story is about a person. Story+self+skit ="The Personhood Package." As you wake up in the dream, what comes into focus is how much you defend the lie story is about a person, which makes story the shift from the truth to the lie duality exists, as if someone is having a real life outside the dream mind is dreaming.

Once it's clear you, that a dreamer defends the lie story as real, meaning it is proof the dreamer is a person who had, for example, "a difficult childhood," you begin to see that every dreamer in this charade displays how it uses its rendition of "The Personhood Package" to prolong the fiction it's possible in this charade to prove duality is real, meaning a real someone is actually having a life outside the dream mind is dreaming.

What comes into focus next is the realization that the skit, derive from 'story,' services the lie the self is not only real, but suffering will prove it belongs to a person. The relief that goes with viewing all of this as content in this charade is indescribable. Liberation is liberation from the fiction anything in "The Personhood Package" has any chance to prove truth is false. The outcome makes it increasingly easy to be what you are, and can only be, a dreamer in this charade, featured relying on the package (story+self+skit) to sustain the fiction in the charade that it is possible to prove truth is false. If truth is what 'everything is,' including dreamers filling time with the fiction it's possible to prove truth is false with 'the package,' then truth features 'us' using the package to drag out the fiction it's possible, while in the dream, to prove truth is false. This has to be the origin of humor!

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if any one is reading this right now i would like you to know that this dream features this old wicked man telling us the truth. therefore this dream is kind.

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hello greg...

you are one wicked old man...( i am saying it as a praise..boy)..

okay you got it all wickedly tied down,,,and your wicked ness is a pleasure...I thought I will fire some bullets but i just cant stop laughing! you wicked old rascal!....

anyway....back to business...

that "right now" is a it an answer which suffices why mind dreams?

why does mind dream? why!?

regards sir.

If mind didn't dream this fantasy called "reality," there would be a whole lot of nothing, and dreaming is what mind does,
apparently. It dreams us 1) defending the fiction we can prove we are the people we portray, and 2) dealing with the frustration that duality can't work to prove we exist outside of the dream mind is dreaming, which gives rise to phase three in this mind generated spectacle, which is called 'waking up,' when the dreamer in the dram reconnects with the fact it can only be a dreamer in this dream because we are content in the dream mind is dreaming. In the absence of people, the question, "to be or not to be, " isn't the question because, as Wei Wu Wei reminds us, there isn't anyone at all. There isn't anyone to "enjoy the ride." The dream doss include the option for the dreamer to accept the fact truth is absolute, which is what mindfulness is. Right now is the dream mind is dreaming, featuring 'the dreamers creating duality to create the story, self, and personhood skit to do personhood believably in this dream.

The dream features dreamers 'waking up' in the dream when they accept the fact duality can't prove separation from mind is possible.

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Truth is Absolute……

And yet you say…right now is the dream mind is dreaming.

Hey, its perfectly logical to say so, when “Truth is Absolute”.

But with ,at least with 50 years , already beneath your bottom, your heart should have started to overtake your brain, a little madness must have had entered , and there should have been a child peering out again!

But there you are ….” Right now is the dream mind is dreaming”!

Dear DocT, you have Grown enough! Enough mate! Good, Good ( I am patting you on the shoulder for all that Growing!). Now take a break , and get the hell back to being a “Child” again!

Awakening is not realization that I too am content! Your Wei Wu Wei is also wrong in saying the subject is “also” the “content”!... and that it is the nature of “cognition” as such! You only use “Mind” in place of “cognition”. No difference.

It is ridiculous saying “I” am “also” the “moment”.

------------A strange Movement-But the Ground First---

This Movement begins with “ all that is subject to origination is all subject to cessation”.

( now in the movement I am now putting forth for you, at any stage there could be other directions which this movement could have progressed towards…I am only reporting the present one and this “one “is all that matters… so go along..). Only then you will be able to catch hold of that strangeness.

Right…Now the Ground for the Movement….

All that is subject to origination is all subject to cessation”

The Seeker takes up this question. Gets an insight. That is right ! Buddha is not pointing me towards everything being impermanent, but rather to something very special.

He is saying, what comes in the middle will go away in the middle.
Thus what is meant to remain will remain and what not to, will not!

Truth is absolute. Only Truth will remain.( in terms of remaining)

Then a shift happens…slowly but surely from terms of remaining , the above understanding shines on all the “terms of happening”!

It starts with the end limit of “remaining “ and the starting limit of “happenning”

Still relating the truth to in terms of remaining , the seeker gains an insight, if only that is meant to remain will remain and not meant to will not, why should I fear which will remain and which will not? IN other words he says to him/herself/ it is ridiculous fearing Truth. For truth is god damn truth! Absolute!

Then the shift from “terms of remaining” to “terms of happening” happens? WHY?

Because , the remained , remaining , are NOT TWO! So it is an happening!

SO the seekr says to himself, it is also ridiculous fearing what has happened in the past, now happening or what is expected to happen in the future..

Truth is Absolute why should I fear it?

HE then starts to Move ..and this is the strange movement that you should get hold of!

So if a challenge comes in his/her life , he /she is not sitting on their bottom, they move , they move without any fear of the outcome….for simply why..why should I fear what will happen or will not? I will not fear truth, so I shall “do” without a fear of the outcome…..Bang…the no mind……

----------THE STRANGE MOVEMENT------------

And here is the strange Movement…

A Problem “X” has come in ones life. Now what is he/she saying!

I will not fear It. If “X” is Truth Let it be! Why should I fear “truth”!? At the same time I will move and do what ever that is think is required to take this ”X” on! Because , putting aside this”X” , I as such do not have any fear as to what is truth and what is not!( or what will happen or what will not)

-----------------MOVEMENT CLOSE-------------------

Now what is the “strangeness” in this Movement?

Is it that ….the one does not know( as evident from above) whether X is truth or Not,
It could be true , it could not be true, He/she is not sure, however he is not fearing it to be either(or in either case) , and he also moving , without a fear of the outcome, whether the “outcome” is Truth or Not?

Is this the “strangeness”? Is this? Absolutely!

The strangeness is he/she doesn’t have a clue what “Truth” is OR/AND if “X” is Truth or not , but he/she is sure it is ridiculous fearing it, for why should one fear Truth? ….and thus they move…without a clue whether their movement too is truth or other! ( keep in mind that they “do not fear” is also a movement!, in the first place.)

Why is this strangeness? Can all of the above be summed up very shortly…like key words..?

(1.) No clue on “truth”, (2) . yet no fear, for not fearing truth!, (3). moving and living !

Which is the odd man out?

(1) is the odd man, and because it is the odd man "out" that “Truth is absolute” is out of the window too!

In other words in (1) the phrase “no clue” has other form… as the phrase ”is absolute”

So with (1) the odd man out , only the beauty in Life( me , you, my boss, his sister, my sister, your sister, the problem with my brother, morning walk and tea and of course my cigarette, my mothers phone call waking me up,and you bloging ............) (2) and (3) remain! I repeat..

Old man…....”REMAIN”!

how beautiful, even "truth" pales! even though they are truth, they are "more" than truth!

So get back to being a child again, is Missy (wife, girlfriend( being the rascal you are it could very well be both are!)) still around?, may be you could now go and pinch her somewhere naughty……what do I know!? Its your Life..the TRUTH, ahhh...the more than truth!

You don't know me, you only know the story you made up about me, the one that runs who you portray in this dream, which is standard operating procedure in this dream. There is no one to be anything, not even a 'kid,' so what are you talking about. If you wonder if mind has a sense of humor, guess again ...mind is what humor is, and if you read my blog you would see humor everywhere. Your presentation at 'the ego level' is all about being 'an incredibly wise man, which is funny in the absence of anyone to be any kind of a man. Take a good long look at your own pretentiousness and it should result in a long, long laugh. What makes us funny is the skit we occupy to prolong the fiction its possible to prove we are 'real people.' It's because it can't be done that mind features us 'chasing a non-existent goal, with the option to find out that we can't defect from mind, only feign defection, which is comedy. You are a very comical character, and it's time to take a bow.

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What you can do is , take a good look at your post/above comment again, and then come back to one of the line , which you yourself has typed as part of the post....

DoCT>>>>>if you read my blog you would see humour everywhere!

its a beautiful beautiful line.

all your bufoonary ( "dream", "dreamers", skit, defection, option, "no one" etc etc etc) come only before that line, or after that line.ONly near it but not it! Where ever they came, or what ever as they came( as that "option of awakening" etc etc..what ever ) they did not prevent that 1 incredible line.

Forget about DoCT , even a thousand Buddhas cannot negate as such that one single line. Because as such they cant get to it!.......

they can either type something before it, type something after it, may be "delete" it,or "edit" it or write something "about " it. this something "about" it(the line) could be your reply to what I have said!....OR MAY BE analyse it , it too to be a dream etc etc etc .....but hell , no way can they , as such get to this line really , in all its brillliant dimensions.that it "is" is one such dimension( which I presented), that its been already written is another...several several..

what beauty is there in life, how incredibile!

in that line is DOcT. DOcT is that Line, at the moment of that line! real as hell!

ahhh.... I very well know what "you" or "me" are! its not hard!

Only that I wanted you to see, without any fear!

I do not know if its time for me to take a bow, but for you .....its time to pull up your socks...old man!

What could be funnier than egos in a dream arguing for significance, as if there is one to achieve that goal. When the chips are down and desperation sets in, it gets 'mean and ugly.' It's the 'sadness' in the dream, because duality is always love's adversary. What we do to one another in defense of the lie the self is real is the stuff of 'history.' It makes for 'good drama,' but it is still "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." I wish you nothing but the best, and I apologize for treating you as separate from me. End of story!

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>>>>>duality is loves adversary.....and I apologize for treating you as separate from me....

even more bufoonery!

Understand without fear, that "separateness" is "loving" and "loving" is "love"!...NOT TWO.

NOT TWO does not mean 2 have become 1 , or 2 or more have become 1 etc..but simply the NOT TWO!

That is why you need not apologize for treating "me" as separate from "you"!

I will tell you where you are! if you take it to be an attempt of me trying to be being are welcome.

But when you want to "fuck" someone who also wants to be , and into it, its uselss thinking twice, if I should "fuck" slow!.... Its only an example, I am not referring to you and me!

Being Shy in the above example is ridiculous then! so here I go...

your "love" stands before you, naked asking you to get her!

how gross one might think..not like a lady! vulgar, they might think! " naked asking to get her"!?

but what can she do? , you got real subtle...mind dreaming the now!...the pinaccle of seeming subtlity!

you are only a dream ,you deem her, love cant be dual! you are not my love! if you are how and why are you "separate" and standing before me" ask...? and turn your back to her!

sometimes you look at her again, and allow her to embrace you!( there is an option available to dreamers is the allowing "her" to embrace you)

but she doesnt want that!

she wants "you" to take her in "your" arms!

"significance" can go to hell!

you say you wish me only the best! I wish that you take her!

"endings" can go te hell too!

what now?


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The only illusion is that there is an illusion ;-)

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