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Let's Discuss These Amazing Times

By Un-Registered - Posted on 13 November 2011

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller
Ronda LaRue and Nishant Matthews Bentinho Massaro and Nick Gancitano

Can A Wisdom Teaching be both enlightening and also relevant to our mind-made society?  Can we be compassionately engaged with mankind and still know the peace of our true unalterable selves?  How possibly could it not be so?

Scott Kiloby and Sundance Burke Christine Wushke and Mikael Hedman
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I just want to coin this, maybe it can give a new perspective

There seem to be voices here from different stages:
1 the stage of flowing with the mind, and letting it expand; investigating the mind, emotions, your process, and the larger process of society
2 the stage of staying with awareness and seeing through the mind; there's no doing and no other, no concepts about helping the world

There seems to be a tendency of guests talking about stage 1, to deny that there's something beyond it. So for some people at stage one, there's only stage 1, so they don't have to worry about anything else. They may block stage 2 from their mind so they can accept where they are. Also, for guests talking about stage 2, sometimes they only point to stage 2 and don't acknowledge the importance of going through earlier stages also. Possibly they forgot how they got at stage 2?

Anyway, maybe this perspective sheds some light on how these different views are interrelated. I just identified 2 stages here, of course you could come up with more but i wanted to try keeping it simple

Thanks for the inspiring interviews!!

First of all thanks to Richard and all the other guests for these great conversations and discussions. I found them so useful, they show different perspectives of the teachings and different ways of the approach "teacher/student". I really missed shows like these.

And I liked your comment too Michiel, but so far I`ve only had time to watch the first two videos, so I can only say something about them.
I can see the two stages you mentioned, but it seems to me that they are both quite throughly discussed in these first two videos although maybe not so clearly about how to integrate them.

The conversation with Bentinho and Nick is of course very much about reaching out to people in everyday life.This is such a huge challenge and I understand perfectly well Bentinho`s standpoint.

On the other hand sometimes discussions like this take you to the synthesis of two standpoints. It is a matter of a process. First you must relax your body-mind. Only after that you can become open for a self inquiry.
Of course if it is given to you and in that case it could take less than five minutes :).

Anyhow may be I`ll add some more comments having also watched the other videos.

A comment on Richard`s reflections about engaging or not in what happens in our society or world, fighting against injustice etc.

My impression is quite the opposite from that spiritual teachings should sustain a withdrawal from the world. On the contrary I experience a strong pressure, specially increasing in the last few decades to just engage.You are selfish, not integrated, immature, or not enlightened if you don`t.

It is quite close to the old churchish moral of before, which of course is totally relativistic, just like the concepts of justice and injustice.

The Power that is responsible for how life and everything is evolving, our actions included, is on the contrary absolute, unfolding everything in a perfect way as it pleases no matter if our mind conceives events as unjust or terrible.

Since we too are part of that unfolding flow, however we act cannot be other than perfect.

Thanks again for these conversations!

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