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Meeting Truth with Florian & Julia in the USA October & November 2011

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By Florian Schlosser - Posted on 28 September 2011

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

There is a presence within you that does not know suffering. It is pure joy that has no cause. THAT is who you most deeply are. Florian and Julia offer to journey with you to recognize this truth for yourself.

Florian will be travelling through the US in October sharing Meetings in various cities. He is going to be in Seattle mid October, at the SAND conference in San Rafael and in Santa Cruz. By the end of October Julia will be joining him in Atlanta, Boston, New York City and for the 7-day Silent Retreat on the Florida keys mid November.

In Atlanta and Boston Julia will be available for Ladies Meetings. The invitation here is to rest as a women in the company of other ladies and explore the uniqueness of this expression. There is space to speak and to be silent. There is space for you to be just as you are - perfect anyway. Welcome.

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Join this amazing exploration into deeper possibilities of freedom.

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