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Moving Forward from Zeitgeist

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By Richard Miller - Posted on 11 February 2011

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Sperry Andrews introduced me to Zeitgeist almost 2 years ago.  I listened to the director Peter Joseph speak about many obvious and not so obvious defects in our society, which I had appreciated.  I left it because somehow the tone to me was too personalized, that there was a THEY out there, and they were doing it to us.  The approach seemed to be a conspiracy theory, or another "anxiety approach".

The movement has much momentum, and this is their movie released this year.   It really has some deep truths and presented in a level headed way.  Whether the ultimate solution is their Venus Project, I can't say, but why not wish them well?  This kind of living would have to get modeled in some place.  Let them do it.  Send them our encouragement.  (This movie is long, 161 minutes - Most of this film is very rational and well thought out.  It is impressive.  Youtube allows only 3 choices for a thumbnail.  This image is unfortunately not representative of what they are talking about and only a minor illustration.)


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