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Not One NNH Email Sent for over 6 months

By Un-Registered - Posted on 12 May 2012

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Patricia from Stockholm wrote to me using a "reply" on my old last email broadcast letter of Sep 6th 2011.

Boy I loved seeing my old "last letter".  That was from an email broadcast service (Ratepoint) that I had been using during the 2009 webcasts.  Thereafter an automatic emailer on Drupal (our website) sent out by-weekly updates on the new content to our members, which is a different list and now over 1000.  Then that broke last summer when it started sending out duplicates and even 10-15 emails to each person with every send out period.  I installed another module but never got it going, so we have had way over 100 new videos without any email updates calling members back in.  That is what I meant in that old letter, when I said I confused NNH with a business that I should be promoting it.

Should I?  Why?  Why don't you do it?  Well, here is the letter:


"Back in in 2009 I learned to live web cast, and when I saw that I could make it interactive, I dreamed of creating an international community.

I spent that year developing a regular schedule, and searched for the guests that I thought you would enjoy talking with.  Many people took advantage of our hook-ups, and I learned so much from the experience.

Because of my business background I may have confused the NNH vehicle with a business.  I had tried many tools, including this mailing service to promote and get the word out as to what we were doing.  I will freely admit that we never were a business of any kind, and I suppose that it all served only my dream of community building."


(Here is some more of the letter.)

During those times I was probably building a model of a "dialogue for creativity".   How could some shared discovery trigger a new mind-set that would immediately settle in a vast number of people?   And what would manifest out of that new obviousness?

I suppose that I still believe in this, or dream that it could be possible.  The regular webcasts are gone, even though technically it is not so difficult.  The regularity of it seems too much all consuming  for one person.  I prefer a few pauses in life.   So let this be our last email and a thanks, 

as I close this contact service.

I often ask myself, "what good is a teaching, if so few people are transformed by it?"   Or, why are we at it for decades if it is really effective?  Perhaps it is just another mind game that is more subtile, because it claims to be the game to end all games.

In 2010 and 11 I had been searching new venues, thinking that people with another background would elicit another speaking, and maybe it would come out more simple and more broad based.  I don't claim that I could create a new language, but it would unfold by itself in the doing of it. is still on-line and open for participation.  Sometimes I run a bunch of talks and events, and sometimes I slow down.  It doesn't need any particular rhythm.  

It would be nice if you would take over (your part of it) and express your dream through it.  Anything you want or need to make that come true for you is yours.  Let's just start with an email.

And thanks for being in my life.

Richard Miller

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Here is another part of this letter that I had always repeated in one corner of my mailings:

"Come join us in an experiment to "shuck" all of our beliefs. Even those good ones about how silence is "reality" and talking is confusion. Or those about the "true teacher", and what a luck we have had to find him or her."

This Enlightenment isn't anything that you will find on NNH or out of the mouths of any teacher or through any other interview or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Richard Miller
Let all man rest in their true nature.

Hi Richard!

Here are some reflections on the this site and other things.

NNH is my best site, I visit it at least once a day. To me it is one of the most well planed, generous, easiest to navigate onto and complete in its content and intention that I know, so it is a pity that it isnt`t more used than it is. I`ve been and still am greatly inspired following your path in life.

I was also very excited about the idea of becoming a member of a virtual Sangha with open minded people from different backgrounds and cultures, but now I wonder if this project hasn`t been difficult to realize on the base of advaita teachings, but also for other reasons.

In a community people communicate keeping connection with each other. I think those who visit NNH are mostly interested in quietly watching the videos. If they speak it is mostly to share their own experiences of realization and - specially considering the activity on the Forum and other comments - not needing much feedback from others. These are of course only my impressions, they might be wrong.

Also all the wonderful teachers foster this culture since they would only try to enhance our spiritual growth and never a dialogue about other issues (btw dialogue means "two"-speach so it is kind of incoherence to "advaitical" minds :)).
Nevertheless, this gives no doubt! a wonderful opportunity to everybody and I am so grateful myself for having received so much out of that and specially out of your personal effort.

And yet again - Sangha people connecting with each other would have the benefit from each other`s resources and potential. It isn`t enough to only sharing our own experiences on the extremely narrow - and yet paradoxically - huge field of spiritual realization or even hold back since silence would be fundamental.Which of course in fact is also very true but...well, somehow it doesn`t work like that. Silence isn`t separate from everyday`s sounds, issues and stories (..."mystery and manifestations arise from the same source" as Tao Te Ching puts it).

Anyhow, during these few years as an Internet user I realized that the Internet is a faithful mirror of this s.c. real world, the "virtual ecology" and the virtual constellations of "souls" also mirroring in the same way.

An other (indeed not new) reflection in this context is that as soon as someone starts speaking "ex cathedra" the risk is quite big that things develope into a "church" whose members become shy and afraid to say wrong things stepping out of the "dogmas".
All teachings and movements should stay constantly open and alert in case new insights should arise contributing to the people`s growth.
"Charaiveti, charaiveti" the Buddha said.

Thanks again for your work and take care!


Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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