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From Paul Lowe's book, In Each Moment

By Un-Registered - Posted on 16 February 2011

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 A chapter called "When the Spirit Takes Over".  I crossed paths with Paul Lowe more than 25 years ago, but never really got close to what he was doing.  Lately I have been reading his books from the 90's, and I find them quite helpful and clear.  This reading he suggests listening to with closed eyes (or eyes at "half mast"), so I will read it for you.


 Here is some Paul Lowe from the same book that sets it very simply.

"There is a state of being that has been described as "the peace that passeth all understanding," the Tao, or the Hidden Harmony. Closer to our own experience we tend to describe it as happiness, spirit, freedom, source, or inner peace.  Yet no word or phrase can really express the nature of that state.

This indescribable state exists equally in everyone.  It has been covered up by what we have been told, what is, and is not possible. From this conditioning, we have created patterns of behavior that have literally buried our essence, our joy and our spirit.

We have assumed that there is something wrong with us and we have spent our lives attempting to put it right.  In fact, there is nothing wrong; all we need do is become aware, in each moment, of the behavioral patterns with which we have covered our essential self.  When we are present to each moment we are on the path to "the indescribable," to freedom.

Much of the time we feel uncomfortable and we try to escape from this experience.  We escape into our addictions, into alcohol, smoking, eating, anger, relationship conflicts, or complaining.  Working on ourselves can also be like a drug; it is what we do instead of being exactly who we are, feeling exactly what we feel.  We can encourage ourselves to be who we truly are, to feel whatever we are feeling.  There is no need to understand, nor to work on ourselves.  All that is needed is simply to be ourselves.

When we do this, layers that cover what is essential in us then drop away on their own.  Our system is self-healing if we allow it to be.

We have forgotten, or lost touch with knowing, that we are spirit contained in a body, mind, and emotions - - and not a body that possibly contains the essence of pure spirit.  This is the realization that awaits us as we bring ourselves present to each moment. Everyone is looking for the way home.  It is closer than we ever imagined.

A life of freedom begins when we realize deep within ourselves that we are whole and complete just as we are. There is nothing to do, to find, to see, to understand, to work on.  There is no right way to be.

Most people live on a surface level.  When you live this way it is like being on top of a rough ocean, getting tossed and churned around with the waves of life.  Peace and fulfillment come from living in the depths of ourselves, sensitively, with awareness, in each moment."


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