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There is Only One Thing to Do

By Nick Gancitano - Posted on 13 March 2011

Nick GancitanoNick Gancitano

Question: For more than 6 years now I have been 'doing' Self-inquiry to figure out: Who is the doer? When there is no I-thought, actions seem to happen on their own. No doer, like a sentence that has just been written down. Or as you state on your website, seeing/hearing/smelling is happening without an I doing it or thinking about the action. Only when there is a pre-thought such as 'I am now going to lift my right hand in the air', 'I' can see that that thought just happened out of nowhere. Not that the arm is moving or happening on its own accord. That is why the I is still in place, because it feels like I am the doer. So I am the doer and I am not the doer at the same time. This cannot be right and at the same time it feels like something is missing. Any suggestions to make the seeing clear? [Click 'Read More' for Nick's response]

Answer: Correct, what you are saying is true on one level of mind and also not true on another level of mind. All is happening on the level of mind, so it needs no understanding. Let all paradoxes resolve themselves, but do not concern yourself. It is only necessary to continue turning your attention inward and cease giving thoughts attention until the habit to assess, analyze and externalize ceases. The insights you are having regarding "non-doing" are the natural results of having sought the Self, so continue to inquire until there is no one left to consider it. Be still and notice the natural inward flow of consciousness that simply happens. There you will find the heart current. Rest in it and flow inward to the source. When you are adequately capable of this, practice it with eyes open and carry this state throughout your waking state. This is all that's necessary. Nothing else.

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