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What's wrong with teaching, and what pointing could be more ideal?

By Un-Registered - Posted on 29 July 2012

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

1.  We're all probably familiar with a spaciousness inherent in the human experience.  Life continues, whether we are in the midst of our worries and concerns or not.  So something is clearly more fundamental than our thoughts/feelings/worries.  Many of us have learned to rest in this essence to a greater or lessor degree.  And we can admit that this knack of resting comes and goes.


2.  We're all familiar with the notion that the universe is a marvelous, seemingly complex dance that goes on perfectly regenerating itself for eternity.  And we have no doubt, felt the awe and peace that the cosmic inspires us to feel.


3.  If my worries are not fundamental and I am usually worried about my doing, then my actions can't be fundamental either.  Actually, what can I do of significance, in this grand cosmic dance?

These three markers are a realization, but I don't think that they show up until we verbalize them, or at least verify the 3 titles above.  We are usually helped toward this verbalization and verification by our favorite spiritual teacher. They have given us this grounding explanation, and helped us experience the energy of a peace/clarity/bliss. 


Actually all teachings that I know of present an ideal to be realized that is different from now.  They have to, because that is the context of teaching, that tomorrow we'll get somewhere.  Even those teachings which produce great experiences right now or demonstrate great love, equally demonstrate the opposite when you are out the door and that experience dissolves.


What teaching could make a difference in all those who would participate and even spill over into their circle of relationships without fail?  Whatever that might be it would have to be something that would impact each person exactly where they perceive themselves to be.  It would have to have a practical application in their life and in their perceived situation in this very moment.


This is an example of the Google Plus Hangout format that I refer to.  The content is David Parrish and I talking about this leadership course material and how we lead our own lives.


Would it be prudent to wonder if this whole scenario isn't just another verbalization about no verbalization?  If it is indeed another conversation then it's roots are in the words that created it, and we have easy access to what is running our lives.  Because no amount of the spiritual sidestepping of words will uncover even the simplest of conditioned verbal programing.  Then are we running as these spiritual robots? 


The only thing that I can imagine which is flexible enough to be appropriate for every individual, is the examination of self talk, both conscious and unconscious.  Conscious self talk is that little voice in our head and the limiting context for life that it creates.  Some of us think that occasionally we overcome that.  Unconscious self talk is that collective vibration that we are even born into, or that we have forgotten where it came from.  It is unseen in creating our personality and running our every move.


Any thinning out of our limiting self talk can be immediately felt as an energetic shift of relief.  The resultant energetic calming effect just has to engender a deeper seeing of this moment.  This is a brand new territory of greater appropriateness in our speech and actions and more effectiveness in whatever we choose to do.  It even increases the effectiveness of our being able to make those certain choices.  Remember, in the conversation creating the three markers above, personal choice was meaningless, or at best optional, (it's a conversation).


I have found access to groundbreaking material cataloguing and investigating the context created with self talk.  I would like to go through some of this on a Google Plus Hangout with 8 other people.  I even have an experienced presenter who would guide us through some of that material.  


My question is who of you would like to participate with one or two such experiments, and to feel for yourself the kind of opening that I am talking about?  Such an experience will likely happen painlessly, and from there we all can decide what kind of (perhaps more rigorous) approach would be warranted. 


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