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A New Consciousness Ending the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness part 3

Edward JonesEdward Jones

E: If we had a true depiction of where we are today in our world, it would look something like this in a cartoon: You would see a caveman with long tangled hair and a beard and a big club in his hand. He’d have his woman by the hair, and in front of him would be a computer. That’s where we are today.

Questioner: The conspiracy of ineffectiveness?

E: Yes. So we are thousands of years ahead in technology, and as a species we’re still dragging the woman around by the hair with a club in our hand and we’ve got a computer there. Do you see the analogy? That’s our psychological movement – the movement that the caveman was.

Q: How would you get people to see that we’re being ineffective?

E: That’s the difficult thing. You know why. It is because they call Bill Gates and Warren Buffett hugely successful, and that’s proof that our species is working.

Q: Everyone should aspire to be rich...

E: So you have Buffett and Gates along with a whole lot of other people. Not to say that they’re so horrible for having all that money, but look at the folks in Afghanistan. Look at the people in Pakistan and Africa.

Q: The suffering and the poor...

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A New Consciousness Ending the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness Part II

Edward JonesEdward Jones

Q: Edward, why are you calling our way of living a conspiracy to be ineffective?

E: Well, as I said earlier, to conspire means to breathe together. The conspiracy is so deeply ingrained in us that we are actually breathing it together. Do you see what I’m saying? We don’t get together like in a football game where the team gets in a huddle and they all say, “OK you go down and to the right. You go down to the left, and this guy’s going to run over there.” They make a plan and then they come up to the ball, snap it, and do their thing. Well, in our lives we don’t huddle together and say “OK! Let’s everybody do less than we can actually do. Let’s pretend that we’re being real.” We don’t do that. It’s conspired; it’s breathed. It is so deep that it’s an unspoken conspiracy that we will remain in the illusion and believe our way through life. When we start off in life, we aren’t being ourselves. We’re not being the real live entity that was born. We’re being the entity we were forced to be after our birth. So isn’t that in itself ineffective?

Q: How would we be now if we were as we were at our birth? We didn’t know anything at our birth.

E: There isn’t any way of knowing that because there hasn’t been anybody in thousands of years who was simply born and grew who wasn’t forced to be ineffective. There is not anyone who was not forced into being a false entity.

Q: What are we doing that’s making us false?

E: We’re being our personality rather than ourselves.

Q: What’s wrong with being our personality?

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A New Consciousness The End of the Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness Part 1

Edward JonesEdward Jones

Questioner: You often use the phrase “Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness.” Will you explain what that means?

Edward: The word conspire comes from Latin meaning to breathe together, so it means the whole planet is conspiring to keep itself ineffective. That is how deep the ineffectiveness is. It means that anybody who stands up and begins to proclaim the ineffectiveness of our world is immediately silenced and put off to the side, and they have special little places where they can put people like that. So it’s seemingly a coming together of all the forces of the ineffective world to keep itself that way, and everything they do demands that we do less than all that we can do. So the conspiracy of ineffectiveness is being less than we can actually be.

Q: What are some examples of our ineffectiveness? What is it that we’re ineffective at?

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Broadcast World Peace day 10-10-10

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller
From 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Central time this Sunday the 10th of October I am going to broadcast a "World Peace Day" From Bloomington IL. on both of our streaming channels.  This is organized by the TejGyan Foundation as inspired by SirShree Parkiji.  I have quite a few hours of filming from that time 2 years ago when I was in India.  But those videos remain as some of my 70 sessions not edited and not presented.
I have also been invited to speak.  Here I am practicing, my 9th take.  I don't think that they are counting on my talking 25 minutes, but we'll see.
This is going to be fun.  Here are 2 forms of the Good Morning Peace booklet from SirShree. (sorry pdf has a white column to the right?)
Word  Doc         PDF
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A New Consciousness Born on Earth

Edward JonesEdward Jones

Discovering the new consciousness is humankind's new frontier. The explorers, if you will, will be the first to discover the new consciousness, and then the job of incorporating it into your life will be your job. If we do not discover the new and make it part of our way of being, we will continue in a manner of living that is violent, oppressive, and filled with sorrow and regret.

Manifestation of the new consciousness arriving on the planet has no belief included. The human mind which has been plagued for thousands of years by the invention of man-made beliefs will no longer be part of our way of being. We will not believe that knowledge or a god will save us from our destructive our path.

We will see that intelligence is not at the effect of belief, religion, knowledge, or governments. This new consciousness accesses an intelligence which will bring an end to our conditioned brain and usher in a new way of living. Belief blocks intelligence, leaving the believer ignorant. Belief allows for nothing new to enter the mind, and we are clinging to old beliefs and old actions. Surely, we can see the damage that belief and the present use of our knowledge is doing to the planet and to all living things on it.

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Life Lives in Questions, Death Lives in Answers, Life in a New Consciousness

Edward JonesEdward Jones

The whole world wants to have answers. We get rewarded for having the answer. We get to be right, be smart, or feel important. And there we stay or accumulate more answers.

This is a knowledge filled world, so it demands answers. The value is in the answer. You get money or you get prestige. Of course, most new inventions require an openness to see possibilities, but inventions are built on previous knowledge. I am speaking here of the psychology of our minds, and what happens in the mind that is looking only for answers.

In the psychological, questions create openness, not money, and it is only an open mind that can experience life wholly and completely. We do not realize that death lives in answers, and that life lives in questions. You die in the answer because there are no more questions. Questions create a space to discover something new.

The answer is always in the question, and the next question is always in the answer. Actually we do not have a true answer unless there is another question included in an answer. To find the new question in the answer, is to have a complete life experience-the experience of life and death in one movement. To have an answer without seeing the ensuing question is to live in darkness, just in the death part of life. If you can question your answer to anything, not making the answer right or wrong, but taking the answer and find the new question in it, life will be continually new.
For example, if you are feeling down, and you say, “I’m depressed,” that is the first step in healing your depression.

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Meetings with Florian Schlosser in the US in October 2010

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

There is a presence within you that does not know suffering. It is pure joy that has no cause. THAT is who you most deeply are. Florian offers to journey with you to recognize this truth for yourself.

Florian will be travelling through the US in October sharing Meetings in various cities. He is going to be in Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington D.C, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, at the SAND conference in San Raffael, in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles.

He also is happily available to meet you in one-to-one and/or couple sessions. Please get in touch with the local organisers to make your appointment.

Find more details at

Join this amazing exploration into deeper possibilities of freedom.


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5-day ladies Retreat with Julia Schlosser

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

The 5-day ladies Retreat is a space of ladies being consciously together, meeting and explore. Being amongst ladies only creates a feeling of safety, which enables us to drop deeper into being a woman and meet what we usually jump over in our daily lives.

It will a be beautifully intimate living together with time we share and time for ourselves. Times in silence and times to speak.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
LOVE Julia

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7-day Retreat with Florian & Julia on the Florida Keys, January 2011

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

Dear friends,

it is exciting and a delight to announce the first Silent Retreat in the USA in January 2011.

This week for sure is going to be something extraordinary.

The La Siesta Resort is located on a fantastic 6 acre tropical island ocean front setting, providing exquisite food and beautiful accommodation.

The Retreat taking place in such a beautiful, old Florida style, laid-back location allows us to really relax from the daily routines and let go.

This is the ideal prerequisite to inquire into what we honor the most: being free, being ourselves and living fully embodied.

Be part of this amazing exploration! We recommend to register now, because only limited space is available.

For registration and further information contact Jan Gudgel and see for more details.

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Where is Morality and Integrity?

Guru Swami GGuru Swami G

It's amazing how immorality and integrity are so easily
exchanged for that quick feel good moment. What
has happened to humanity ? People not only do not
value others but they also do not value themselves in
the least.

Have been asked about polyunions lately and don't
people have enough problems on their plate just
managing one relationship at a time ? Even if these
are minus the sexual aspect, which in most cases is fully
in play; there still remains all the jealousy and other
emotional drama traumas of mental loops and hoops
to be waded through.

There could be so much turmoil avoided if just this simple
pointing were put into effect and that is to keep sex on the
back burner and find out what values - direction - and life
partner reality this possible union may have. Sex comes and
it goes and when one is being driven by the gonads of
WOW am i ever turned on so this MUST be Love, it is going
to do little more than keep the head spinning and the
mind going and the body revved up until the newness
wears off and that veneer of excitement is replaced
with where did this godzilla come from ?

OK you say but i am not looking for a life partner just a
little fun. What is fun in the emotional turmoil that results
when one discovers a pregnancy OR that they have received
or given some communicable disease ? Or that one person
is looking for a relationship ? There are so many dramas
that arise from this besides once again being driven into
justifications and seeking that feel good moment which is

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My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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