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Video for Recognizing Present Awareness

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

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Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

HELLO EVERYONE, Scott Kiloby here

I'm not a big fan of answering questions through writing. :) I find this subject comes alive and a resonance is heard in person, phone, or on skype. So I prefer that type of communication. If you want to talk in any of those ways, post here and it will let me know through email.

However, I am open to answering questions on here if those types of communications don't work for you.

I wanted to start off by saying thank you to Richard for his ongoing contribution to the world of realization, nonduality, presence (whatever term you like). Richard's open heart and willingness to welcome so many different writers, teachers, and others in this area is very sweet and says a lot about his character.

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Consciousness, the Waking Dream, Multiple Universes and Self-realization by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

Katie DavisKatie Davis

Consciousness, the Waking Dream, Multiple Universes and Self-Realization by Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment"

That which is perceivable is born of pleasure or pain, whereas the Heart and the illumined mind’s pure consciousness display as a wise love and a certain charity for life, while transcending the dual opposites of the pleasure-pain cycle.

The altered state of consciousness (ego) changes along with its perceived conditions and only experiences its own judgment. That judgment is either based on past experience or an imagined future. The reaction varies according to the mind’s desire for pleasure or fear of pain based on its delusion of separation.

The egoic “I” and its body are time and therefore cannot be conscious of the formless and timeless now. Egoic “I” as identity is the obstruction.

Ego can become sort of present with the content of the present moment which is an important first step. Yet the body as identity cannot step out of space and time. You are not in space and time. They are within you.

What is independent of time is beyond the mind, its consciousness and remains uncreated and changeless; pure potentiality.

The consciousness of change points to the fact that you are already changeless; just as the consciousness of thought, emotion, the body, mental images, physical energies, memory, cognition, perception and evermore subtle layers of the intellect imply that you are beyond all of them.

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Who only is conscious to be "enlightened"?

Peter Francis DziubanPeter Francis Dziuban

This post is in response to a recent question:

"From the standpoint of Consciousness, it would seem that enlightenment is a myth and so the search can end--nothing to do and no one to do anything. I get this intellectually but the seeking goes on and despair and frustration are the only outcomes..."

This is a good point, something "each of us" seems to face at one time or another.

It sounds as if there is an identification with thoughts about Awareness, rather than identifying as, or simply being, Pure Awareness Itself. It also sounds as if "you" have done a lot of sincere studying and hard work on this.

Now it's time to "rest" and enjoy. Why?

Who alone is aware right there as You? Awareness or Self Itself is the only One being aware, conscious. It already is "at" Itself; It already is fully being Itself (and there is no other) so the "work" already is "done." Any continued attempt is actually futile. It sounds as if this is clear, too--no becoming and no other to become.

Let's call this already-present Awareness the New You, or Real You--which, again, is the Presence of Awareness Itself--and which NEVER fails to be present, to perfectly be what It is, and does not require any "work" to be present.

The New You is effortless. And this is your new homework assignment, given to You by Your Self: Make no effort at all. That means no more thinking about Awareness, no more thinking about enlightenment--because after all, New You (Pure Awareness) doesn't think. Stop reading. Stop looking on the computer for awhile. Stop trying.

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The Value of Travel

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Last year I went to India about this time, and some of the people that I met there are about to head back or planning to go shortly.

I am in a phase where I don't even want to make a plan more than 60 days in advance. I prefer to leave a hole, where the opportunity of the moment can "fall in". Florian asked me to travel with him for all or part of his USA tour. Of course I'll be here in Chicago with him, and plan to accompany him in CA. Then instead of going back to Toronto, I thought to stay in CA for the rest of the month. This is a big hole.

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