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Human Possibilities are Enabled by a Verbal Context

David ParrishDavid Parrish

New Thoughts on Creativity

I met Dr. Parrish in this and one previous Skype conversation.  We are going to investigate and perhaps have a virtual study group on leadership parameters newly thought out by a group including the Landmark Forum's originator, and now independent researcher Werner Erhard.  Other co-developers of this material are Michael C. Jensen, Steve Zaffron and Kari L. Granger

Their Material has been made completely available for free by them at the link: 

The link above allows you to download a preliminary and descriptive paper about the content of the leadership course.  Perhaps it is not all that seductive of writing for many.  I suggest you download it and read from the bottom of page 74, 

4. Breaking Through the Constraints and Shaping Imposed by Your Prevailing Worldview and Frames of Reference

a. Your “Wall of Bricks” 


Why I am proposing this material for your consideration?


Most of you who show up on these pages have some take on how you appear in your own life and have some kinship with inquiring into what makes your life and the lives of others tick.  From this we are all familiar with the notion of "conditioning", which we admit to, and attempt to look at.  And because much of this conditioning causes discomfort, we have set out on these investigations and spiritual searches.  (It's our so-called suffering.)


Sooner or later we find that the conditions of suffering are in part a story that we continue to tell to ourselves.  Then in non-duality, we discover that there is a way to stop telling any story, and we immediately notice an immense relief.  Yes, without these internal conversations, we still exist.  So isn't this primary existence a more essential part of our nature, or maybe it's the truth of our being?  Let's just stay in this spaciousness.  And we have lots of justifications of how the world unfolds perfectly from that point of view, (point of no-view).


Yet there is a price to pay.  Much of the game in this life is verbal.  By consciously choosing to bypass the verbal, we become disengaged, and non-players in much of our game.  


Some say that words take you away from your experiencing, (that thinking and being somehow exclude each other).  True, continuous analyzing can separate you from the experience.  Now we have the idea that a pure experiencing has some greater value.  It's an idea that fully experienced events somehow become complete, and allow life to move on.  


Really, when you think about it, what is the point of "fully" experiencing if you're most often experiencing exactly the same thing?  The same anger, the same jealousy the same frustration, even 50 years of it.  Isn't that a proof that for those people pure experiencing isn't more value?  If pure experiencing works for you, great, but know this, that you and everyone else are totally transparent.  We all see your stuff still running, even if you don't.


Then where is this conditioning to be found?  Well it has to be predominantly verbal, (and the words have feelings and moods too).  Actually I am finding that a deep look into my conditioning is always available by merely looking into my words and beliefs.  A whole other, rewarding, and feeling world is right here right now, if I stop my damaging self-talk.  You think that you can't control self talk?  Try it, you will know that you can.  These sign posts are readily seen.


That seems to be the opportunity  of investigating this "leadership course", and I take leadership to mean only LEAD MY OWN LIFE, and nothing more. 

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Sex Is Great...and Yet It's Not All It's Cracked Up to Be


Q: Yesterday I had a beautiful meditation in which just about everything was left to my awareness and then I began to notice sexual energy arising. This has happened in my last couple of meditations but has never really happened in this way before, and usually there is no sexual thought or feeling at all during my meditation. It felt mostly like this was not a sexual energy to act upon through usual means. It was almost as if the energy was occupying non-sexual parts of my body such as my hands, arms and legs, but it also felt like something should be done with it (though not the usual actions). Various muscles in these parts were also twitching a bit, especially in my hands.

My understanding of myself is that I generally have less sexual impulses and more sexual control relative to most people, though I am a human and certainly have sexual desires that I like to exhaust when the appropriate opportunities arise. I am wondering what this experience might be indicating and what might be a path to follow toward properly dealing with it or accepting it. I did a few web searches and came across a lot of discussion of kundalini and tantric teachings that seemed somewhat relevant, but often didn’t seem as practical as your writing. I read your posting “Letting Sexual Energy Be Bigger than Your Body”, which also seemed somewhat relevant, but I feel like something more was going on than just strong sexual desires wanting to be exhausted through usual sexual means.

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Bernie Prior Interactive Web Casts in April 2012

Bernie PriorBernie Prior

1st Web Cast timed to the West April 15th 2012


2nd Web Cast timed to the West April 22nd 2012





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April Meetings with Bernie Prior

Bernie PriorBernie Prior

Here's a Sunday night Satsang which Bernie Normally holds when he is in town


Every day van be Easter as we die to yesterday and are reborn into this moment





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Not One NNH Email Sent for over 6 months

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Patricia from Stockholm wrote to me using a "reply" on my old last email broadcast letter of Sep 6th 2011.

Boy I loved seeing my old "last letter".  That was from an email broadcast service (Ratepoint) that I had been using during the 2009 webcasts.  Thereafter an automatic emailer on Drupal (our website) sent out by-weekly updates on the new content to our members, which is a different list and now over 1000.  Then that broke last summer when it started sending out duplicates and even 10-15 emails to each person with every send out period.  I installed another module but never got it going, so we have had way over 100 new videos without any email updates calling members back in.  That is what I meant in that old letter, when I said I confused NNH with a business that I should be promoting it.

Should I?  Why?  Why don't you do it?  Well, here is the letter:


"Back in in 2009 I learned to live web cast, and when I saw that I could make it interactive, I dreamed of creating an international community.

I spent that year developing a regular schedule, and searched for the guests that I thought you would enjoy talking with.  Many people took advantage of our hook-ups, and I learned so much from the experience.

Because of my business background I may have confused the NNH vehicle with a business.  I had tried many tools, including this mailing service to promote and get the word out as to what we were doing.  I will freely admit that we never were a business of any kind, and I suppose that it all served only my dream of community building."


(Here is some more of the letter.)

During those times I was probably building a model of a "dialogue for creativity".   How could some shared discovery trigger a new mind-set that would immediately settle in a vast number of people?   And what would manifest out of that new obviousness?

I suppose that I still believe in this, or dream that it could be possible.  The regular webcasts are gone, even though technically it is not so difficult.  The regularity of it seems too much all consuming  for one person.  I prefer a few pauses in life.   So let this be our last email and a thanks, 

as I close this contact service.

I often ask myself, "what good is a teaching, if so few people are transformed by it?"   Or, why are we at it for decades if it is really effective?  Perhaps it is just another mind game that is more subtile, because it claims to be the game to end all games.

In 2010 and 11 I had been searching new venues, thinking that people with another background would elicit another speaking, and maybe it would come out more simple and more broad based.  I don't claim that I could create a new language, but it would unfold by itself in the doing of it. is still on-line and open for participation.  Sometimes I run a bunch of talks and events, and sometimes I slow down.  It doesn't need any particular rhythm.  

It would be nice if you would take over (your part of it) and express your dream through it.  Anything you want or need to make that come true for you is yours.  Let's just start with an email.

And thanks for being in my life.

Richard Miller

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The Mankind Project, found along the way

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

 15 min talk on Nelson Local TV


The Mankind Project, operating for 20 years


 Gary from Mainland TV interviewed me  

for the afternoon news show.

This segment got aired 5 times that day.



What amazement when your travel open.  

I found this man's story after a Kirtan in a Yoga Studio.




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Homeopathy video's

A Fresh LookA Fresh Look

Please check out these two video's about homeopathy! It's about important work and they deserve our attention!!

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Bodhi Fest Newcastle from Meditation to Pranayama

Bodhi FestivalBodhi Festival

Some of the many things offered at the Bodhi Festival from Shanti Mission in Newcastle. After the Pranayama address there was a 90 minute class which hit stronger than any pranayama I had ever done. I thought that I had once practised every day for 1000 days, but not really.

Healing Hertz Meditation and Vibrations


Pranayam Address by Acharye Hema





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Satsang with Nick Gancitano at the Onederful Gathering - June 11, 2012

Nick GancitanoNick Gancitano

Satsang with Nick Gancitano at the Onederful Gathering
Blowing Rock, NC
June 11, 2012

Nick will be giving satsang and discourse on "Be Still and Know I AM God," based on his newly released book by the same title. After discovering Self-inquiry, Nick underwent a profound shift that left him as the impersonal sense of Being. Ramana Maharshi then guided Nick to share the Self-Inquiry in the West. In 2002, several of his students formed the South Florida-based Atma-Vichara Ashram, where he was the acting spiritual director known as I Am for five years before teaching abroad from 2007 to 2010 and writing his first book. In early 2010 he established The Self-Inquiry Center in Delray Beach, Florida. When he is not traveling to share the message of Be Still and Know I AM God, Nick and his wife Penelope reside at the Center and disseminate the Self-Inquiry.


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Ramana Spencer, Cross World Connection on Easter 2012

Ramana SpencerRamana Spencer

 I am always completely at peace with Ramana.  We talked willingness, finding even the smallest amount.  Just focus there and all unfolds in perfect trust, (or even without trust).

These days I am telling myself that spiritual growth (an increase in insight) is totally natural, and the speed of it is just the mechanism for allowing the savoring of it.  That is a very restful statement.

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Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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