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Meeting Truth with Florian & Julia in the USA October & November 2011

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

There is a presence within you that does not know suffering. It is pure joy that has no cause. THAT is who you most deeply are. Florian and Julia offer to journey with you to recognize this truth for yourself.

Florian will be travelling through the US in October sharing Meetings in various cities. He is going to be in Seattle mid October, at the SAND conference in San Rafael and in Santa Cruz. By the end of October Julia will be joining him in Atlanta, Boston, New York City and for the 7-day Silent Retreat on the Florida keys mid November.

In Atlanta and Boston Julia will be available for Ladies Meetings. The invitation here is to rest as a women in the company of other ladies and explore the uniqueness of this expression. There is space to speak and to be silent. There is space for you to be just as you are - perfect anyway. Welcome.

Find more details at

Join this amazing exploration into deeper possibilities of freedom.

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Non-duality: non-separateness of the inner child

A Fresh LookA Fresh Look

I know that the terminology of the inner child is not so popular in non-dual circles. Even talking about emotions is sometimes frowned upon. In my opinion, life gets dull if stuff like that is only seen as an illusion. It’s a valid perspective, but if it’s the only possible perspective, I actually see it as a subtle rejection. If both sides of the coin are seen, inclusion is also welcomed, also of emotions and child-like behavior. So here I want to present to you the other side of the coin, the non-separateness of the inner child.

Full text under 'read more'... also a pet home video for fun ;-)

The way I define the inner child here, is a childlike functioning of our organism. It can be a great source of creativity, and also of a painful way of functioning and self-sabotage. There is much material out there on healing the inner child, using painting and other arts, writing child stories, doing emotional work and much more. What I want to point out is that phrasing it as ‘healing the inner child’ actually still has a perspective of separation in it, because then it looks like you and your inner child are two different things. Healing is really just the seeing that there is no separation from the inner child. In my understanding the creative process, for example making drawings, is of great use in making this seeing possible.

In many of the works on the inner child, there seems to be a belief that it needs to be managed somehow. Although that might be useful for some, if it’s seen that the inner child is not separate there can be a different movement. The energy which previously went into this management can now flow into creativity.

So, here’s an interesting way of participating in a creative flow! There are many ways of accessing the inner child. One way is: think about a childhood memory where you felt really good. It can be a certain place like a playground, a book someone read to you, etc. Another way is meditatively asking the inner child what it wants (you’ll have to pretend for a moment that it’s separate) which can be anything from going to the movies to dancing. If you know what it wants you can start experiment with that, of course within reasonably limits. There are many ways of accessing the inner child, and also there are many books and websites on the subject.

So as you can see from these examples, it’s actually just like daily life, there’s a pretending part and a seeing part: sometimes pretending that we’re separate and also the seeing of oneness.

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Amsterdam-NL, Meeting Truth with Florian & Julia

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

In this meeting, Florian and Julia invite participants to self inquiry and a direct recognition of who they truly are, as well as to explore in a uniquely grounded and simple way any unconscious belief patterns that determine our way of being in life. The meeting is an invitation to BE and EMBODY what we have understood and accomplished with our minds. In this we can bring the beauty and tremendous transformative power of NON-DUALITY into the depth of the body, and therefore into daily life. Transformation takes place at a cellular level as stress and fear energy in the nervous system dis- charges. Being consciousness includes taking part in the full activity of life as well as resting in the arms of the beloved. In living as an embodiment of consciousness nothing is excluded; everything is genuinely welcomed and embraced. Living as the space of awareness becomes our embodied reality in daily life, rooted in what we love the most: BEING FREE.

Sept 27 - Oct 2, 2011

De Ruimte
Centrum voor Bewustzijnsontwikkeling
Weesperzijde 79a
1091 EJ Amsterdam

Rob +31-(0)20-6651765

public Meeting, you are welcome to just pop in, tell your friends and check our website

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5-day Ladies-Retreat with Julia Schlosser, Mallorca-Spain

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

Oct 19-23, 2011 on Mallorca, Spain

I am very happy to welcome you back for 5 days of consciously being and living together.

Being amongst women only creates a feeling of safety, a sense of togetherness and belonging - beautiful!
Such an opportunity to drop deeper into being a woman, get inspired and find out about the uniqueness of this expression.

How would your 'genuine you' show up in life without any concept, any expectation and any thought of what it should look like?

This Retreat will take place in our private home. The beauty and stillness of the place allows a resting and enjoyment, which supports the exploration beyond words. Of course it is not a seminar house, so only very limited space (for max 5-7 of us) is available.

Here the practicalities:
* Retreat fee €250, accommodation & full board €200
* start Wed 6pm with dinner, end Sun 2pm after lunch
* shared rooms available with en suite bathrooms, tent and extra beds if necessary
* transfer from the airport can be ordered (& shared) for €50 one way or rent (& share) a car
* food will be prepared by all of us together

All of us were touched by the depth and flow of the days we spent together last year in the Ladies Retreat.
I am sure also this year it is going to be a miraculous time.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
LOVE Julia

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7-day Silent Retreat with Florian & Julia Schlosser, Islamorada, Florida-Keys, USA

Florian SchlosserFlorian Schlosser

After an amazing experience in January 2011, we return for a

@Islamorada, Florida keys, USA
November 14-21, 2011

This week for sure is going to be miraculous.

The La Siesta Resort is located on a fantastic 6 acre tropical island ocean front setting, providing exquisite food and beautiful accommodation.

The Retreat taking place in such a beautiful, old Florida style, laid-back location allows us to really relax from the daily routines and let go.

This is the ideal prerequisite to inquire into what we honor the most: being free, being ourselves and living fully embodied.

Be part of this amazing exploration! We recommend to register now, because only limited space is available.

For registration and further information contact Katia Vieira and see for more details.

Enjoy 4 minutes full of beautiful impressions of the Silent Retreat on the Florida Keys. Taken in January 2011.

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Discussion Reveals Insights about Cancer

Andreas MoritzAndreas Moritz

I have long wished to find where spiritual knowledge "strikes life".  Where does it make a difference?  If you can't find that, then by my way of seeing, it is definitely an illusary and false knowledge.  That brings me to talk about health.  And Cancer is best talked about by one who is living it.

That was my hope in setting up this discussion.  It didn't work out exactly as I dreamed, probably the most of which was a complete breakdown of the audio during the cross nation hook-up.  I apologize for that, but such good things were said that I will publish it for those of you interested in the subject and those of you who are endowed with a modicum of patienece.

With Andreas Moritz and Michael Baxter

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How Infection Can Prevent and Cure Cancer

Andreas MoritzAndreas Moritz

 By Andreas Moritz


The Amazing Role of Germs and Infections


Life on earth would not be possible without infectious bacteria, fungi and viruses. Their existence and endless, continuous interactions with humans and animals over millions of years have trained and evolved into what today we refer to as the immune system. Our ability to live in harmony with our external environment is, in fact, rooted in our life-long relationship with these germs.


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Beyond Belief

Matt KahnMatt Kahn

Enjoy this brand new clip filmed at a recent Seattle satsang, where Matt Kahn discusses why going beyond belief is an essential part of experiencing the eternal joy and effortless freedom of our true divine nature. We will dive much more deeply into this at our upcoming Seattle retreat.Please join us:

Abundant blessings to you...
Julie Dittmar



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The contents of "The Personhood Package."

Gregory TuckerGregory Tucker

The dream features the dreamers using their rendition of "The Personhood Package" in the dream to defending "The Master Lie, or what it takes in this dream to defend the fiction right now is real, and not a mind generated dream. If right now can only be a Mind generated dream (MGD), then trying to prove truth is false can only be a mind generated charade, featuring the dreamers in 'reality' defending the lie it's possible to prove truth is false with their rendition of "The Personhood Package," which always includes story, or the conclusions the dreamer assembles to defend the fiction right now is real, the self, which is becomes the hero in the dreamer's story, and the skit, or how the dreamer engaged in "The Endless re-run of it's story,' for a lifetime, or until the dreamer wakes up.

The dreamer's skit features the invented self playing the part of some kind of a person by keeping the fiction in place the dreamer's story is about a person. Story+self+skit ="The Personhood Package." As you wake up in the dream, what comes into focus is how much you defend the lie story is about a person, which makes story the shift from the truth to the lie duality exists, as if someone is having a real life outside the dream mind is dreaming.

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Pursue thy Life, and Live Aye with thy Name!

Suzanne FoxtonSuzanne Foxton

People seem to make a big deal of the story of the "awakening moment" - it's something solid the ego can hold on to and wait for, deflecting its death for "another time". Well, just remember that "what happened for me" is just another nothingness, made apparently "real", and exists only as memory NOW. It's always now o'clock. My fevered (and tolerated) brain tends to put a story to it along the lines of "I realised what I had been looking for all this time was my life, just exactly as it is." There seemed to be a "shift" but not much of one. The thing that seemed to die was the need for whatever was happening to be anything else than exactly what it was. And what it was, and is, is just life toddling along as it always has, unresisted. Very, very, very, very simple! The mind will complicate it; the mind can try explain the mystery of life in any of a billion billion ways. I don't think awareness gives a flying fart whether awakening happens or not. It's just more dust in the wind, a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing, but a hell of a lot of fun, and to be relished.

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Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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