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Bodhi Festival

Bodhi Festival is 3 days of Yoga, Meditation, Healing & Music.

Bodhi Fest Newcastle from Meditation to Pranayama

Bodhi FestivalBodhi Festival

Some of the many things offered at the Bodhi Festival from Shanti Mission in Newcastle. After the Pranayama address there was a 90 minute class which hit stronger than any pranayama I had ever done. I thought that I had once practised every day for 1000 days, but not really.

Healing Hertz Meditation and Vibrations


Pranayam Address by Acharye Hema





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Bodhi Festival turning Newcastle into a City of Light

Bodhi FestivalBodhi Festival

So Many great things happened in the 3 day Bodhi Festival. How can I possibly show you? A few things will be forthcoming.

Is Peace Possible, Panel Discussion? Healing Your Relationships
Mother Clare
Mother Maya Thwari
Swami Satyadharma


Sri Guru Gayatri

and Arjuna


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