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Christine Wushke

Seeing what's true can be dramatic and exciting

Christine Wushke, Just Friends with Gina Lake

I challenged the conventional language. Sometimes it works?

Three friends on "Occupy" and world events, Christine Wushke, Mikael Hedman

Energy arises out of our "conscious contact" with the world.  We see something, and we get a "hit" off of it.  We're in the habit of giving that energy qualities and characteristics.  We can use that energy and those characteristics as an excuse or motivation for feeling great or feeling terrible, for feeling distant or for feeling involved.  Our belief structure around our interpretation dictates our participation or non-participation, and in some way our activity level.

This is happening in everyone, even if we deny it, even if we "see beyond it."  It doesn't take a genius or clairvoyant to verify that.  Even those who say "activity arises", it arises in accordance to your hidden words about that perception.  It is governed by unconscious belief structures, isn't it?