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Deep reflections about the Course in Miracles

Marc Grecco and the Course in Miracles


The "truth is within you". We hear it 1000's of times from many angles, yet we are still looking outside for who's going to mentor us, who's going to guide us to find that "right path" to the within. Is it true? Is that really necessary?

Our experiment is just to talk, with no expectations and no special expertise. Trusting that what comes up is right, and finding it truly amazing.  We are experiencing a deep deep friendship that is usually thought to take years to develop. Could this point to something getting revealed about our true nature? Testimony is that after all inquiry, what remains is love. Let's find out for ourselves.

You are all invited to appear on this series.  Just email your willingness to talk, and we will schedule a time. (It takes a medium good video Skype connection, which is not that difficult.  We can coach you on that.)  



I was blown away, when talking about forgiveness, he came up with "the only one to forgive is yourself, for buying in to such a story of blame in the first place."  (Somewhat paraphrased, hope that I did not loose the point.)