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Dedicated to telling Mauricio Saravia's story and making known his artistic works

Mauricio Saravia, Artist, a man of intense giving


Mauricio Saravia's art is the closest you will get to a moving, true life story that can be found within each and every painting. Like Frida Kahlo, Saravia walks the same spiritual and elemental journey.

Saravia's own, unique struggle and story has taught us so much about life. Painting his soul on his canvas, laying brushstrokes of intense dedication, emotion, compassion and love of art. If you look close enough you can see in great detail his passion and love of life in each and every stroke of energy that has been engraved deeply into the canvas.

Very few painters have ever lived such an intense life and achieved such greatness within, to tell their story.

Meet Mauricio Saravia in Video

 Even without meeting the man, you can get the experience with these videos that bring you into his presence.

Another Movie made about Mauricio

Two Youtubes in which to meet Mauricio Saravia




"Do You Know" Poetry by Mauricio


Here is some of Mauricio Saravia's Art Work