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Daniel Schreiber

"The whole universe Bends attentively above a blooming flower"

Meet Daniel Schreiber

Starseed Gardens is the home of plant-human culture and relationships. Food, shelter, fiber, fuel, medicine, wisdom and beauty are some of the gifts and qualities that this relationship nurtures. We gather seeds and tools, seek objects of beauty, foods that are super, teas sublime for all to share.

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Beyond Parroting must be at the Root of Discovery

 I believe that we did something unique here.  We went into each word and beneath all spiritual bla bla.   I felt an energetic shift.  It is completely exciting to reach under the carpet of verbal parlance into the nuances of pure creativity.


I feel that we have finally graduated from "Parrot University" and are ready for the uncharted schooling of Now.  I hope that it is not too labor intensive and you could go along with it for a while you might become addicted too.