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Deepening After Greater Dialogue

Deepening After Greater Dialogue
Matt Kahn Builds on His Sharing
This goes right to the point
Normally an open heartedness is considered a result. Let's go right for it.
Scott Kiloby talks totallity of Wholeness
Why shouldn't clarity translate to the street?
Current events can't be dismissed.

Thank you Richard and all the participants in these beautiful dialogues and conversations.

While starting to watch the dialogue with Matt I was in a momentary deep distress. Listening to what Matt shared, taking in his words and his way of seeing the reality in our lives I experienced a great relief and little by little my distress and pain faded away. What remained was a peaceful mind.
And when Matt`s elucidations mirrors Richard`s reflections it`s even easier to follow the dialogue.

Really great. I also realized how important it is to have a giude in these moments and how big help is not being alone.

This big YES that many speak about - I had never been quite able to recognize it in life, although I understand it is important.
Now when Matt is talking of a great cosmic YES which is only inclusive and doesn`t exclude anything it becomes much clearer.

At the same time it means that it includes even all the NOs, the blamings and the no acceptance of life.
But after the Shift all this can be witnessed or explored from the liberated perspective of transformation.

Thanks again and much love.


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"In the heart opening aspect of my own awakening, which I think is continuing to develop, something felt really 'true' and authentic about trusting that, as if it was a part of going deeper, a necessary part. But there have been growing pains along the way, small-mindedness creeping back in, being seen, releasing, etc. The heart opening part, when it is allowed to flourish, has resulted in the more intuitive knowings in my experience, where I can sit and almost feel into another's experience, energetically, emotionally, and sometimes even mentally (psychic), as if the walls of separation are completely down. It's as if the physical nature of our experience is completely invisible in those moments, a real illusion. ;) And there is this deeper calling, something developing in my experience, that draws me into trusting that more and more, and not stopping each time smallmindedness appears.

Because of the subtleties and intricacies of language, I have felt sidetracked at times, getting too involved in trying to either deconstruct a language or find congruence between differing languages. You could say that is not getting sidetracked at all, but rather it's been a part of my developing. But what I'm referring to with the heart opening is more intuitive, and more trustable than language and words, like a knowing. In those times in which the heart opening has been trusted the most, so to speak, death looks like nothing. Everything is seen as perfect totally. Compassion has come easy. And also, it's in those times when I see the possibility for something much greater and deeper for humanity, something much more than just finding "the right teaching" or finding some sort of surface agreement between teachings or even finding that all words are empty. Those seem like surface insights in those times.

Language has a way of getting us hooked back into smallmindedness, when we only look for agreement and disagreement, as if that is the gauge by which we can trust that we are in this together or that we are on the right path. In the heart, more intuitive knowing, which I have never truly been able to put into words, agreement and disagreement seem superficial, a preliminary kind of understanding only. If you have ever sat with someone who is clear and whose heart is open, there is an instinctive, intuitive knowing among and between you that needs no words. It's a complete trust, as if you are communicating on a level that needs no words. Even if jockeying for position arises in words between you, the deeper, heart knowing remains. It's unconditional in that sense and is not based on whether the words "gel" or we walk away "in agreement." That's why it is more trustable to me.

It seems to me that this kind of deep trustability among humans, if it evolves in any real sense, has the capacity to move us out of tons of smallmindedness that we encounter with each other, including the idea that agreement equals "we love each other" and disagreement equals "there is a division between us." Even that looks very surface only from that deeper, intuitive knowing. That's the best I can do with words. But when we are knowing and connecting in that way, it plainly doesn't matter whether we agree or disagree. We walk away with our points of view dissolving, seeing the polarity that they created temporarily, and somehow that wakes us up to trust the deeper knowing that words have never divided anything, ever.

Richard Miller
Let all man rest in their true nature.