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Do I really need to create an account?

By Un-Registered - Posted on 12 January 2010

Without logging in you can read any post, you can watch any video, you can chat on the livestream or ustream chat window during a live show, and you can call in by Skype or phone on any live broadcast. (Call-ins are taken on a first come basis, and sometimes with busy call volumes, it is hard to get in on the first try.) To tell the raw truth, some preference might be given to those calls with a web-cam.

If you ARE logged in, you can comment on videos, blogs and forums. You can initiate a forum post. You can see the always live chat box and talk with anyone who is there (different than the live show chats). Of course we think that your life, is about your participation, and your interaction with other humans, (our belief). It is not always so easy to interact with friends and family on these subjects, so that is what we want to offer to our users with this site. That is also what happened for me, that for decades and decades, I was "reserved". (meaning in my case mostly judgmental and afraid. Although at the time I did not see it that way.) When I let go of some of that, great things seemed to happen. Come visit us at your own "rate of immersion". Please feel comfortable.