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Frequently Asked Questions

Some people like to plunge in and figure things out and hopefully our web site is intuitive enough for that to work. Others like the comfort of a guide, and we hope these answers will be clear and of service. (Click questions to reveal answers.)

Without logging in you can read any post, you can watch any video, you can chat on the livestream or ustream chat window during a live show, and you can call in by Skype or phone on any live broadcast. (Call-ins are taken on a first come basis, and sometimes with busy call volumes, it is hard to get in on the first try.) To tell the raw truth, some preference might be given to those calls with a web-cam.

If you ARE logged in, you can comment on videos, blogs and forums. You can initiate a forum post. You can see the always live chat box and talk with anyone who is there (different than the live show chats). Of course we think that your life, is about your participation, and your interaction with other humans, (our belief). It is not always so easy to interact with friends and family on these subjects, so that is what we want to offer to our users with this site. That is also what happened for me, that for decades and decades, I was "reserved". (meaning in my case mostly judgmental and afraid. Although at the time I did not see it that way.) When I let go of some of that, great things seemed to happen. Come visit us at your own "rate of immersion". Please feel comfortable.

Click "Create new account" below the log-in area, a page will come up. Select your user name, (it will tell you later if it is taken, you can add some spaces or something). You need a valid email, which you will need to answer, or you won't get your temporary password. Many people have had to search for that email in their spam box, but it comes pretty fast. Select to receive emails with links of new posts. I think that it is once a week now, (tell me if I should make it less often). City and country, and case sensitive Captcha word. If you can't read the Captcha word, submit it wrong and another one will appear.

If you have unique spacing and punctuation in your user ID, please remember it. Someone has Ph.D. which is different than Ph. D. or PhD or Ph D it has to be just right. Capital letters aren't important in your ID but they are in your password. Many use capitals like RichardMiller to show the words, but richardmiller will still log in too. That is different than richard miller. Remember, find the verification email in spam, if it seems to be late.

We ask you to upload a photo avatar. You do that by logging into your account area. It needs to be 300 kb or less in order to upload. Then it will be resized, (but it will keep its proportions, square or rectangle). Sure we like the graphic avatars that people are using, but we prefer a photo because, well, we are all searching to "settle into our true selves" in a more profound way. (Otherwise we would be out playing golf, and not staring into a computer screen.) Somehow I believe that being "just little ole me" is a relaxing acceptance of things as they are, (even for those who are sure, "I am not the body".)

Some day I intend to give full html privileges to those who ask for it. This means you will be able to make more personalized pages and posts and embed media. It is my vision that this privilege will be more restrained and "self policing" if these users are behind their own photo avatar, and not called "ThorTheHammer". So photo avatar will be required for advanced privileges.

The most important difference is that you get to talk. We want to create a vehicle that demonstrates that we are already a community.

1) You can already call in on a web broadcast.
2) Now there is an active forum where people can discuss our broadcasts, different guests or potential guests, and share your experiences with us all.
3) Blogs are available for those are more "wordy". We'll have one for sure, Guests will have one, and others can ask that we host their blog too.
4) Comment forms will be open on more and more pages.
5) I think everyone will have a discrete user's page, where maybe you can embed your own or your favorite videos, audios and photos.
6) Now there is an "always live" chat room. Later we may get into interesting options like video chat rooms were we open a free meeting hall, of have "office hours". Whatever you or we come up with, let's do it.

Remember, Livestream is where our 24/7 shows run and where we monitor the chat box (chat box is wild sometimes). Ustream takes way less bandwidth, so if audio or video is jumpy or frozen, go to Ustream.

Calling in is on a FIRST COME BASIS. It may not look like that because some people have become regulars, but they have just learned that they get so much juice from talking with the guests that they grab every chance they get. (And if you are not calling, that gives them one more chance). I love those guys and gals.

1. How to formulate a question? DON'T. Just call in with a blank screen in your mind. From that white slate everything flows, and you are your authentic self. That is who we came to see, and that is who we love.

2. No matter how you connect, phone, computer, or what-not; you CAN NOT talk to us and watch the broadcast at the same time. You must turn off the broadcast and listen through the phone or Skype. Even if you want to watch while on the phone, the lips won't go with the sound and it will be distracting. If several people are watching in the same room, then take the phone into another room outside of earshot of the computer We can't proceed with this feedback loop running, so we will have to hang up on you.

3. If you insist on watching, then practice turning off the audio portion of the show by repeatedly clicking on the plus/minus Minus. Learn to do that quickly please.

4. If you are calling by Skype, it is free. You can authenticate your address by adding nnhcallin to your contact list, and we will be ready to receive your call. Don't call right in the middle of another conversation, especially when it just has started, because we can't answer without cutting off the person who is talking. The way our Skype PC works, we can't chat with you about it either, without disturbing the other call.

5. Buy a webcam if you want to maximize your experience. The guest teacher will see you full screen on their computer, (no matter where they are located), and they will connect with your question in what I believe will be a deeper way. (Ladies should buy a better camera, because cheap ones might have you look like a ghost, lighting will always help, (turn on one in front of your face). Also many cameras have a 30 day return policy, so try out a couple of them.)

SOME TIPS turn on a few lights, no daylight windows behind you, center yourself on your little monitor thumbnail, tilt the camera down so that there is not much space above your head, (we don't need to see your ceiling). Have headphones handy so that if there is feedback, your headphones will block the echo.

Learn how to turn on and off your video (if it doesn't what to go, close and restart it, usually it's a blue button). Find where your Skype preferences are (MAC) or under Skype>Tools>Options for a PC, and fool around with your settings. Or close and restart the Skype program. It's easy.

You need broadband and a decent computer with pretty good processor speed. Skype works your CPU processor pretty hard. Trying to watch the broadcast and Skype at the same time is really a load on even the best computers. If the CPU is working near to 100% then make our video window very small. That will help.

You can watch your CPU activity on the task window, for a PC control/alt/del or for a Mac, write 'activity' on the search spotlight. If your audio is solid, we can proceed, even with a frozen video. You don't need to understand all these tips. Just try it. Practice Skyping to your friends and relatives. HAVE FUN!

(At the last minute you might forget to turn off the video player when you call, so here is another reminder.)

Here are 1 through 5 on finding an Archive

1. OF COURSE, the best is to see all shows LIVE. Then your energy is a part of the show.

2. All shows are recorded on 20 pages makes about 80 shows with about 160 hours of video. These are up there no matter what happened in the show. If it crashed the archive for that show is in several pieces, labeled A - B - C etc and the guest name and the date. These are "as-is" raw files, and they may have sound and other defects. The advantage is that they are up there immediately, no matter what.

3. If the show came out in one piece and the sound is pretty good, I will put it up on it will come up on the endless loop of the auto-pilot, and it will be under the VOD, Video on Demand button. Again, if the quality has too many defects, I don't bother to put it up on Livestream.

4. If the video is pretty good as is, and is probably already on Livestream, I will also put it onto Watching on Blip instead of Livestream or Ustream avoids any commercials that come on the lower 25% of the screen.

5. When a video is really "Blessed", then I fix it, taking out the pauses, major feedback, and crashes (pasting it back together) and I improve the sound as best as I can. Then the show goes onto Viddler: and finally that show is embedded onto these website pages under a "teacher button". Downloading is free from Viddler, (but you must be logged in which means creating an account).

If a show has just too many defects (mostly with the audio) then it is a lost cause, and it bites the dust. A couple were a mess. I don't have that much energy to resurrect the dead.


It is pretty straight forward opening "create forum topic", pick a very descriptive title. There is a pull down to put it in the right forum subject that you want. The only thing I would emphasize is to enter good comma separated tags. If the forum grows, this post will be buried with time. Good tags and a good title will keep it relevant for many months. Thanks.

One thing I could suggest is to open the site in a second window. The not logged in window can read or watch anything. While a video is playing, the logged in window can comment, and move about.

The Full Screen button works on most of the videos, even small teasers. If Full Screen is too pixelated, stand back from the monitor, and your eye will average it out. If Full Screen requires too much CPU from an older computer, double click on the word 'Viddler'. That will take you to the Viddler website, and you can watch at about 425 pixels wide. You can download from Viddler too, but you need to be logged in to a Viddler account, (it's free).

Ask and you shall receive!  Actually no content is "uploaded" onto the site. It is all embedded.

It is my offer that anyone can have use of the Html editor on their posts. I did want you to have an uploaded photo avatar (your "good citizen's badge") to get Html, but we'll see.

  1. Then when you are logged in and on the Forum page, click "Create content Forum Topic" on the upper right.
  2. Make a good title (not too long as it will be in the URL, and will be searchable on Google etc.).
  3. Choose which forum, And choose good tags, because:
  4. (I think that this site could get really big, and good tags will keep even early posts relevant for a long time.)
  5. Then at the bottom of the Body find the "Input format" arrow, click "Choose Full Html".  Now you have the editor.
  6. On the upper left corner there is the "source" button toggle. This is how you add embedding code for adding videos.
  7. Toggle means repeated clicking of the "source button" takes you back and forth from "code" to "text".
  8. (Sometimes you loose your spacing so keep a copy of what you are writing on your note pad, if you have to re-paste it.)
  9. It takes some experimentation, give it a try, we can always fix it.

In your user area when you are logged in there is a tab called notification settings. Once you go there you can turn it on or off.

Many accounts are started (even by the same persons) who are not interested at all in our subject matter. They are only here to leave links to shopping sites. I delete all of those. Since that started happening I have approved every account manually. I really enjoy to see all of you come in and to read the comments that you have written. When I get flowing with projects it may take several days to get it done. Or I usually batch them and wait for 10 or so requests. Many thanks (and post more if you like).