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“A story of Lucid Dreaming and REM Sleep . . .”

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Another night of REM sleep, lucid dreaming and lessons learned, or so mind remembers. The beauty of REM sleep and lucid dreaming is the opportunity to experience possibilities beyond normal day limitations. To experience and explore what is and is not possible.

For me, the wonder of REM dreams are their physicality, vividness and experiential sense of immediacy (a kiss on the cheek, the taste of a fruit, the brightness of sunlight, etc). And they can occur to anyone, usually in the wee hours of the morning (between 4am - 6 am), when not quite awake nor asleep, somewhere in between.

The dream remembered this time is the instinctual recognition of mind’s daily projections mistaken for direct perception. Dream-me inherently understands mind’s eons long evolutionary purpose to protect and preserve the bodymind action-figure.

In the REM stage of the dream “I” am “detached” enough to realize the difference between projection and perception. Meaning I clearly see the distortion (projection) on the window blurring the image (perception) of the scene on the other side. And I notice the inherent mental bias to guide attention from ‘what is’ to mind’s projected distortions (self-talk).

I see focusing attention on projections (mind’s self-talk) is a learned habit. Learning to turn a blind eye from “what is” (awareness) in favor of “what isn’t” (imagination) for the purported task of protecting the bodymind action-figure, when it’s simply mind perpetuating mind.

In this instance, REM vividness gives way to lucidity and “I” know “I” am dreaming. To confirm I’m able to direct actions in this dreamscape I will dream-me to levitate and rise off the ground. But before getting too excited and enthralled with the sense of flying (the ease of soaring and rush of wind is pretty neat), I return attention to what is less physical, the ephemeral sense of “awakeness” within the dream. (The ‘normal’ tendency of a dream is to turn the dreamer into an impotent spectator where bad-things tend to happen to the spectator-dreamer. At least for me, at times.)

Looking around at the details of this dreamscape I intuitively recognize lucidity in the dream is similar to awakeness in waking life. The same awareness permeates both.

And beneath this insight lies a further recognition of why mind self-talks so much. It self-talks to reassure itself it exists, that “I” exist, that “I” am necessary, that “I” have purpose. Without self-talk there’s only silent awareness.

And in this particular lucid REM dream mind is seen alternately frightening and reassuring itself, frightening with supposed unfamiliar silence (thus scary stuff) and reassuring with familiar self-talk (thus normal stuff). It’s a pretty transparent trick when you know what to listen to, the self-talk.

And detached awakeness confirms itself (ever present awareness) is absolutely neutral, neither frightening nor reassuring. And there is a very clear intimation that mind may merge with (disappear into) silence without any detrimental consequence whatsoever. Without any self harm. This insight is the eye-opener . . . dreaming with eyes wide open. Hmmm.

(P.S. A funny thing about any supposed lesson learned in REM sleep or lucid dreams is that if you don’t write it down in summary form within a minute or two of waking, it easily dissipates and is quickly forgotten. But not to worry, awareness awakens to itself with equal ease in dream sleep or waking life. There are no lost opportunities. Either way, dream sleep or waking life, the primary resistance to waking up . . . is mind thinking and believing it’s not possible for awareness to awaken to itself. Spot the mental distortions for yourself.)


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