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All Thoughts may not be Perfect and Qualified ...!!!!!

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All Thoughts may not be Perfect and Qualified ...!!!!!

All Thoughts may not be Perfect and Qualified. It's unwise to expect all thoughts to be perfect and qualified. Thoughts are always fluctuating and inconsistent. Thoughts can easily trespass all barriers and can exercise their supremacy at all times without our approval. All we have to do is to simply understand the Nature of Thoughts and act smartly. Please observe the following Truths about Thoughts and Mind so that we can lead a better quality of life:

1. Your Mind is already a Liberated Being. A Mind is like a free flowing River. If you fiddle your foot in a river, still the river will by pass around your foot and move ahead. Similarly all attempts to restrict or control the Mind is merely a waste attempt. All you have to do is to turn away your attention on a different idea or activity so that the old stream of thought slowly vanishes . This is like not paying attention to a barking street dog. If you also bark at the dog it will doubly bark at you. All you have to do to stop a street dog from barking at you is to simply not pay much attention to the dog and silently move away. Just like the sound of a moving music band fades away in a while from your ears, unwanted thoughts take their own recourse to disappear soon if you turn on your attention on something else.

2. Thoughts merely arise to give you a suggestion and they should be taken merely as a guidance. The action alone is under your control and not your thoughts.

3. Manas (Mind - Presenter), Buddhi (Intellect-Adviser), Ahangaram (Ego - Sub Conscious Mind- Final Executor) are the three variants of the same Chit (Being or Consciousness or Self). Manas (Mind) thinks , Buddhi (Intellect) judges and Ahangaram (Ego or Subconscious mind) executes the actions. All these three are like actors in disguise whereas the original stuff ‘Consciousness’ is alone real. It must be understood that which changes cannot be Real (Manam, Buddhi and Ahangaram) and that which remains unchanged (Consciousness) is only real.

4. Your thoughts are neither your friend nor a foe. It is meant for a specific purpose to assist you like the use of a navigation system in a ship. For example, if you see a snake inside your room, your mind creates FEAR in you so that you take some remedial action. If you later realize that it is not a snake but a rope, there ends all fear. So, we have to understand the purpose of Thoughts. They serve some noble purpose so that you can take suitable action.

5. Strictly speaking there is no necessity to brand any Thought as Good or Bad. A thought is a thought is a thought. You simply have to see a thought as just as a Thought. You have to convert a 'Thought' into 'Thinking' only if it is necessary. If you want to abandon a thought, you just have to carry on with your attention focused on something else so that the original thought naturally fades away. For example, when we walk on the road we don’t take the sticks and stones in our hands, that lie by the side of the road. We simply go through the road unperturbed. Similarly, if thoughts arise, all you have to so is to know whether to HANG ON to the THOUGHT and convert it into THINKING. THINKING is the ‘CONTINUOUS OPERATION MODE’ of THOUGHTS. Similarly no thoughts need to be feared. The more you fear about some thoughts you will be like, in the grip of an alligator. THOUGHTS (STATIC MODE) naturally switches over to THINKING (CONTINUOUS MODE) if the nature of problem is extremely crucial. For example if you have lost your gold chain, your mind will keep on pestering you until or otherwise you take some satisfactory remedial action. This is meant to help us and is quite natural only.

6. All we have to understand is to know that all Thoughts may not be Perfect and Qualified. But, still you can train up your subconscious mind through a conscious living so that the mind produces Perfect and Qualified Thought to the possible extent. This is the prime reason we do Prayer, Meditation, Satsangs, Association with Good People etc so that the Sub Conscious Mind produces qualified thoughts sooner or later.

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