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Another micro-story of Self awakening to itself . . .

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Awareness awakening to itself sometimes feels like learning is happening and what is learned, in part, is NOT to feed mind. And by NOT feeding mind, I mean NOT paying continual attention to mind's Stories about this and that, them and us, you and me, reality and illusions, self and not-self, etc, etc.

Explore the possibility that by attentively attending to one's breath (or whatever meditation practice suits you) Attention eventually (seemingly?) merges with ever present inner stillness. Which direct experience of inner silence provides the opportunity for nonconceptually witnessing the natural falling away of attention from mind's Stories (the mental objects of consciousness) to paying attention to and noticing the experiential awareness of ever present silence directly realizing (or not?). . . emptiness recognizing emptiness, silence recognizing silence, Self recognizing Self . . . as presence itself.

Witnessing this apparent movement of Attention from mental narratives to inner stillness reveals how effortless it is because there is no actual separation between "THIS mental narrative" and "THAT inner stillness", no separation at all between any "mental object" and "consciousness".

Seeing this directly, unmediated by any thought, is just one way awareness awakens to itself, one way Self discovers itself, one way of witnessing awareness misidentifying as individual thinking thoughts and dreaming dreams.

Unlike mind, inner silence, inner stillness, being Self, is very stable and verifiable. What this means in practical terms, is that there's an abundance of spaciousness for the bodymind action-figure to express it's natural biological intelligence without conditioned self-judgments. (But that's another story.)

For now, consider accepting the very real invitation that is your present circumstances to explore the freedom of being grounded in and as conscious Beingness? It's not as tricky as mind may think. (But then again, it sometimes takes years for mind to get to Simple.)

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