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Can we look at conditioning

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Imagine two people inside a room.x &y...or
Melanie and ai. (See it rhymes..)or may be Marcus and ai...because Marcus thinks his guru is the first to point out anything and everything.(no I just like to irritate my elder bro)

Suddenly madam realises there's a bomb fixed and its about to explode anytime. She communicates it to ai...who realising it to be so..jumps out even before Melanie who eventually follows.

But suppose...only Melanie jumps out ..and ai though hearing what Melanie has communicated ..doesn't. What could it imply...

Several things may mean..we in fact can never conclude...but relevant to this post is ...that ai while hearing it hasent understood it in all its depth or implications what u will..and hence no action took place.

Honest introspection or analysis..could reveal that if not most of us maybe a majority of us(me included..) Are cought up in such superficial understanding...infact addicted to it..never take anything to its depth..because hey ...if we question ourselves whether theres been any action...or transformation that has taken place in our lives after years of "awareness" "pure consciousness" and what not..the reply is only to the degree that we would want ourselves to believe after a hard bit of convincing and nothing of the sort when ai jumped when melaine said ...there's a bomb.!!!!

Now that would be something wouldn't it???

That's missing guys. Because we are more like intellectual snobs or like the emperor without clothes. Hello hello here's my latest superficial take ..where's urs...let's feel good and also let's argue at times and commend each times.

Are u getting my swing...boys..girls???what iam trying to say..?

Maybe intellectual get together needs to be redefined. Limits could be to help each other understand ...including ourselves to see whether there is any conditioning in our lives...whether if it is a fact. And that's about it.


U don't say now gather ur chi in ur lower belly crouch..fold ur legs..put ur left leg forward ..dive ..roll out of the room..

Or then start a discussion on how u did it previously..correct or alternative techniques or how would it be if one stayed in or out....u know..

Nothingness..oneness..not two pure consciousness...what not...a is not a..therefore a ....

Just bomb...u #$%#$

Is there our lives..???that's limiting or restricting our lives in any what degree..with what intensity..

Jump should follow if it really is and the whole thing has hit where it should really matter..

Can that get together be created..or a healthy norm. Which is not different from freedom....??

Till then we are living our images out...

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Hi ai

From belief to clarity.

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“Is there conditioning in our lives..???

that's limiting or restricting us in any way... to what degree.. with what intensity..?”

Anyone that has established a grain of self-honesty might question what there is in the human life that IS NOT Conditioning.  In fact, after the vehicle (body) is alive and functioning, all of the social structures on the planet are constructed and deconstructed within the “Field of Conditioning”.  Conditioning is not a bad word here.  It is the medium in which life on earth is moulded, and the better we become at moulding our own conditioning, the more satisfying our life can be.


We don’t react to somebody’s bomb scare (yes we might have misunderstood), because we know that person is conditioned too. They are most likely exaggerating, hallucinating, or just seeing their own devils.  

“Honest introspection or analysis could reveal that maybe a majority of us are caught up in such superficial understanding.… In fact addicted to it.. never take anything to its depth.. because hey... if we question ourselves whether there’s been any transformation that has taken place in our lives after years of "awareness”, pure consciousness" sodhana and what not….” It all might add up to nothing but more illusion.

Here the conditioning that we are in love with is called non-duality.  We have developed justification of why this story is the king of stories.  (By the way, we get a good feeling that goes along with it.)

All conditioning is based on a take-off point of specific assumptions.  Until you go beneath those assumptions to recheck their validity, you always reach the same conclusions.  I have posted many many very practical observations that most always try to start from scratch. Non-duality mavens haven’t taken much note of what I said, (I imagine because of a "lock-out" phenomena). Even though they are immersed in daily living 99% of time, and all use what I say in some part, they still prefer to construct a more mystical interpretation, where nothing is as it seems.  This becomes a very disempowering choice.


I have been studying a very intriguing precept, that maybe some day I will make a series of posts about.  I don’t think that I can do it justice here, but I’ll try with a short summary.

1. First let’s consider a disease pathogen, a virus or something.  They are a self-replicating system. Their life is dependant on a host that carries them.  If they can develop an effective mode of transmission, coughing when people live in close proximity, or passed on through sexual contact, then they can ensure the lives of themselves and their progeny.  It is the case of one life-form using another life-form for their own purposes.

2. Now let’s consider systems of thought, which are doctrines made up of believed in tenants.  These doctrines require a host just like a pathogen, and they are self-replicating like the virus. We teach our children to adopt our religion, and try to convince others to adopt our beliefs about non-duality, about religion, socialism or capitalism, sustainability and global warming, recycling and energy conservation, (really everything).

All these systems of thought predate our own existence, so they are not ours.  If they were totally ours, they wouldn’t be accepted by anyone, and we might be considered to be simply raving. So we are the blind host, and we are passing on this philosophy not for our own (thought-out) purposes.

3. Now consider:  None of these successful thought systems are successful because of their content.  In fact it is rare if current conventional beliefs have much good in them for us or for humanity.  They are successful because of their mode of self-replicating, and their defence strategies against other competing doctrines.

The whole world of thought and belief is a constant competition for what beliefs can dominate the world, and eliminate their competition.  A very common defence is a “lock-out”.  “Don’t believe anything the older generation (or a businessman) says.”  “All communists are liars.” “Muslims are prone to believe in terrorism”, “non-duality is the king of realisation”, “the Democrats want to give away the store and print more money”, “women are best in the home, and don't think otherwise”. 

Of course the best defence is to burn the books and murder anyone with an opposing view.  200 years of witch hunts and being burnt at the stake, Stalin and Mao kill millions of the opposition, McCarthy’s war against communism.  The effectiveness of the doctrine’s defence strategy (built into the doctrine) is what determines what controls the world.  Notice I said what controls the world and not who controls it.  Because we are all just blind hosts to a non-living entity or word-structure, which in all truth actually lives, and is living (puppeteering) all of us.

4. Non-duality IS actually the king of philosophies because it plays right into the hands of every other thought system.  Its professed belief that “I AM NOT THE DOER”, in fact, that I don’t even exist, takes us off of the world stage as an effective player.  (I take my ball and go home.)  Now we become a gleeful-pawn to be shifted about the board wherever the winning dogma takes us.

5. Is there a way that we can escape this form of slavery?    

  • Well, question why we do what we do.  
  • Look every day if our thoughts and beliefs are serving us, or someone else.  
  • Be engaged with our surroundings and our key relationships. 
  • Learn to continuously improve the consequences of our actions for ourselves and others.
  • Speak to others what has helped us to understand, and listen to what they have to say (no lock-out).
  • Learn to enjoy every moment of life.

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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