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Consciousness may be Neither Internal nor External, but the Only Thing - Everything

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Consciousness may be Neither Internal nor External, but the Only Thing - Everything

If consciousness is Internal only, the External Things fall out of its ambit. So is the case, if it is External only and it becomes vice-versa. The question of Internal or External does arise only after Manifestation occurs. What consciousness may be is like something even prior to Manifestation, like a proto-unmanifest state. It may be something like Consciousness a Grand cosmic simulator, which creates everything in its domain as anything and everything. Assume like, consciousness Dreams/Simulates/creates everything as manifestation. Logically speaking how can there be something without Imagining. So, to create something everything has to be Dreamed/Imagined. For lack of words we are compelled to use the word Dreamed/Imagined. Secondly, to Dream or Imagine 'IT' has to be Intelligent. Hence, Consciousness may be the cosmic Intelligence, the sole creator of everything in it's Realm. Even if we assume that everything has come out of Nothing, that Nothing has to be something. We are always LOST in words like, Nothing, Something, Everything etc. Let's not attach importance to WORDS. Words are mere approximation of even a Greater Truth which is inexplicable.

Science always relies on Proofs. How to go about proving the above facts? Probably, a part can never comprehend the whole and it is impossible also. It's something like, you can never lift your own self (whole) using your own hands (Parts). Godel's Incompleteness Theorem is perfectly applicable in this case. Anything said or spoken or written will always remain partial and limited. As Consciousness is Limitless for our present configuration and dimension, it may remain beyond our comprehension and understanding FOR EVER, FOR EVER AND FOR EVER.

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