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Consciousness vs Awareness (Top 10 Definitions - Taken from Internet)

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Consciousness vs Awareness (Top 10 Definitions - Taken from Internet)

Let us first try to differentiate AWARENESS from CONSCIOUSNESS through some examples before going into the aspect of Consciousness vs Awareness

Take for example:

1) You can be AWARE without being CONSCIOUS like driving a car in a Highway or Driving through regular routes like Going Home.

2) One can be AWARE like being in SLEEP WALK, without being CONSCIOUS at all

3) A Photo Electric Sensor can be fully AWARE and know what to do without being CONSCIOUS like opening and closing of glass doors when someone approaches the door.

4) A Child can be Aware to suck Milk without being CONSCIOUS.


6) We are AWARE while watching movies, but many times NOT CONSCIOUS at all.

7) I can be AWARE and place my car key in the key holder without being CONSCIOUS of the act.

8) A 'Touch me not' plant can be Aware without being Conscious.

9) An Electron can be Aware and know to spin about the Proton and Neutron without being Conscious.

Having noted the above examples, now let's go to the aspect of Consciousness vs Awareness:

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 1

In my opinion, awareness is not an information process at all and will never be simulated or synthesized by any information process. Awareness cannot be measured by an information processing system, it can only be measured by awareness itself---something no formal information processing system can ever simulate or synthesize.

One might ask how it is that a human has awareness then? My answer is that awareness does not arise from the body or the brain, nor does it arise from any physical cause. Awareness is not in the body or the brain, but rather the body and the brain are in awareness. The situation is analagous to a dream, a simulation or virtual reality, such as that portrayed in the popular film "The Matrix."

We exist in the ultimate virtual reality. The medium of this virtual reality is awareness. That is to say that whatever appears to be happening "out there" or "within the mind" is happening within a unified, nondualistic field of awareness: both the "subject" and the "object" exist equally within this field and neither is the source of awareness.

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 2

Awareness is primordial; it is the original state, beginningless, endless, uncaused, unsupported, without parts, without change. Consciousness is on contact, a reflection against a surface, a state of duality. There can be no consciousness without awareness, but there can be awareness without consciousness, as in deep sleep. Awareness is absolute, consciousness is relative to its content; consciousness is always of something. Consciousness is partial and changeful, awareness is total, changeless, calm and silent. And it is the common matrix of every experience.

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 3

Consciousness vs. Awareness
"In fact, the highest secret of the Zen school of Buddhism is that our consciousness and then even awareness are not the ultimate, fundamental “host” or “Self.” Consciousness and awareness are still a “guest,” they are still a function of the Absolute nature. ... The realm of consciousness is only a projection of the original nature."

Before the appearance of objects we still have awareness, but it is empty. Awareness when it touches objects becomes consciousness. So awareness without objects is the aprior state before consciousness and is the ground state that “supports” consciousness. Awareness is always empty in a not-knowing state. It just shines or illuminates. That’s called effulgence, which means radiance, brightness, illumination or shining.

Without touching objects, awareness just remains in its own body and shines, it be-s itself, it just is. That’s “presence” or being. That’s also self-effulgence so effulgence is the nature of awareness. It’s like a great bodyless body of not-knowing knowing. You cannot identify it as either existence or non-existence, as either real or not real because it transcends all these descriptions. It is without these two attributes because that is its purity. Awareness is an ever shining function of our real ultimate essence of being. It allows us to know and understand because it allows us to be aware of consciousness - all the moving stuff.

Mind is a pattern of consciousness which is born from awareness which is in turn a function of our original nature. At least that’s the explanation of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, which have had thousands of years to work out robust definitions and explanations."

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 4

When we look at both terms, we can see that both deal with understanding phenomena and they are closely related with the cognition of people. Both awareness and consciousness play important roles in one’s life and they are very common features of a person. Also, these are cognitive processes that happen in humans’ minds.

• When we think of differences, we can identify that awareness does not require fully understanding of a certain thing whereas consciousness requires the in-depth awareness of a particular thing.

• Awareness can be considered as a necessary condition of consciousness.

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 5

At each level of the evolutionary process, each entity had an “awareness” appropriate to its level of consciousness. It may be hard for us to imagine what a rock’s or a plant’s or another animal’s “awareness” is like, but they each have their own personal perception and use of their consciousness appropriate for their level of development. Humanity crossed an important threshold in its complexity such that its awareness moved into a level of “self-awareness” not available to lower levels. In other words, we know and know that we know.

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 6

In my experience, consciousness and awareness are two different things. Consciousness arises from awareness and is everything that exists or could every possibly exist. Awareness can be realized, but is beyond description or comprehension by the mind. It is Tao that cannot be named. In Christian terms, it really depends upon how you think about God. Most would think God like consciousness, but many gnostic Christians (and some Jewish traditions), think of God more as unnameable (or definable) like awareness

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 7

Subliminal priming, belong to awareness, while subject report of observation belong to consciousness... And I think consciousness should been seen as a subset of awareness (we are aware, before we are conscious)

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 8

Consciousness = Wakefulness
Awareness = Focus/Attention

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 9

Pure awareness? is that which cannot be described by words; the infinite backdrop of stillness, silence, timeless, spaceless, formless, attribute-less, unchanging eternal Self. This awareness (witness) is aware of human consciousness but cannot be aware of its self; upon investigation one may begin to recognize the common misidentification of being consciousness vs. awareness. Human consciousness is an illusionary arising in dualistic perception created when awareness reflects minds matter sparking being-ness/existence/I-AM-NESS into play. Human consciousness is a constant state of change (unreal/illusion) the only constant in consciousness is the sense of I-AM-NESS i.e. I AM born, I AM living, I AM dying where the born, living and dying change but I AM remains unchangeable.

Consciousness vs Awareness - Definition # 10

So while consciousness is always conscious OF something (dual), awareness is not OF something, it is not even aware OF itself, and thus is absolutely singular, nondual.

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