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Pure Consciousness/Proto-Consciousness and Entropy may be the two sides of the same coin

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Pure Consciousness/Proto-Consciousness and Entropy may be the two sides of the same coin

Pure Consciousness/Proto Consciousness (Deep Sleep) may be the Ordered state of Mind (Disorder=0) and Existence may be the Increased State of Entropy (Disorder>0). But the physical body can not have zero entropy as zero entropy for any physical system is impossible to achieve. Also it should be remembered that consciousness/Mind is not a Physical Stuff/Quantity like Brain which can have a different states of entropy. It's not possible to attribute states of Entropy to Consciousness and Mind, unlike for different States of Brain which is Physical in Nature. It should also be remembered that Entropy is only a Physical attribute and not Mental Attribute.

Everyone is Absolutely Unique, but Everyone's Consciousness is Uniform. There are no two typical persons in existence. Everyone differ from another in multiple aspects like thoughts, action, feelings, emotions etc. Even though everyone share the same atomic, molecular, DNA and fractal geometry, no two person share the same behavior, thoughts, emotions, feelings etc. The mental faculties may be almost similar, but the content, degree, magnitude, nature etc are always different. This is not a trivial matter to neglect. When there are no two persons sharing A to Z same characteristics what may be the secrecy behind the creation. Creations itself is absolutely unique in nature. Time always flows from Past to Future. There are no two same moments. This shows that change and differences are fundamental in Nature.

Entropy applies only for Physical Systems (which may include Brain also) and not Mental Systems like Mind, Thoughts, Feelings etc. Now, stop a while and focus on your consciousness. Is it not surprising that the consciousness is Uniform, without any attributes and variations. It may also be found that Consciousness and Entropy are opposite in Nature. But it can be easily inferred that all polar opposites are two sides of the same coin. So it may be a fact that Consciousness and Entropy have deep relationship and both may be two sides of the same coin. Consciousness may be called as God, Brahman etc while Existence may be likened to Ishwara. I may be the Brahman (Consciousness) as well as the Ishwara (Existence aka Universe).

The fact may be that there is only One Consciousness/Proto consciousness, but multiple offshoots coming out of it as Inanimate and Animate matter as a NATURAL SIMULATION from it as a Temporary Phenomena called Universe. Consciousness/Proto Consciousness may be the Ordered state and Existence/Universe may be the Disordered State. That which doesn't change (Consciousness/Proto-consciousness) may be Absolute Reality and anything that changes/appears/disappears/modifies/gives birth/dies out/space/time/contents-there-in etc may be due to the Entropy of Nature, which is the other side of the coin, Consciousness/Proto-Consciousness. This may be the reason for discrepancies between Quantum Physics and Classical Physics and also behind the Wave and Particle duality of Light.

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