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Define: Pure Consciousness

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Define: Pure Consciousness

The teacher proceeds to give several such pointers to help Asvalayana, the meditator, to recognize that innermost objectless Pure Consciousness within oneself. That Pure Consciousness is virajam, visuddham, visadam and visokam.

1.virajam - untainted by the agitations of the mind and disturbances of the intellect.
2.visuddham - It is absolutely Pure, Being the Whole, ONE without a second. It has nothing other than itself, and hence it is absolutely pure.
3.visadam - It is absolutely clear, being ONE which illuminates everything else.
4.visokam - It is absolutely free from any sorrow or grief, being independent of one’s mind.

Further, it is:

1.achintyam - It is not an object of thought. It is beyond the reach of thoughts.
2.avyaktam - It is not an object recognizable by senses
3.anantaroopam - Its form is endless and unlimited, being in everything and everywhere at all times in Unmanifest state.
4.sivam - It is ever-auspicious, Absolute Happiness
5.prasantam - It is Absolute Peace, being ever-quiet, alert and vigilant
6.amrutam - It is ever-Immortal, never subject to change, never subject to time
7.brahmayonim - It is the very womb (source) of The Creator, meaning, It is the cause for this entire creation; the first cause; the cause for the cause.
8.aadi madhya antha viheenam - It is without any beginning, middle or end, being infinite in all dimensions
9.ekam - It is ONE without a second.
10.vibhum - It is all-pervading. It is everywhere, in everything.
11.chidanandam - It is Total Awareness, Pure Consciousness, The Pure SELF, whose very nature is Absolute Bliss
12.aroopam - It is Formless, Limitless
13.adbhutam - It is Wonder beyond all description
14.Uma sahaym, parameswaram - It is also Uma and Parameswara together, prakriti and purusha together, The Manifest and Unmanifest together
15.Prabhum, trilochanam, neelakantham, prasantam - It is also the Ever Peaceful, Ever Auspicious Lord Siva, whom we worship in the name and form as Trilochana (three-eyed) and Neelakantha (one with a blue-throat).

So meditating upon That Innermost Consciousness the meditator goes to, reaches the cause of all beings, The Brahman, which is The Ever-present Witness of everything, and which is beyond both darkness and light. As Pure Awareness, one is beyond darkness and light, being aware of both. That Pure Awareness, The Innermost Self in you is indeed that Paratpara Purusha one seeks.

Further, pointing to The Pure Consciousness, The Pure Awareness, and The Pure Self in oneself, the teacher says:

1.That is The Creator
2.That is Lord Shiva in whom ultimately everything gets resolved
3.That is Lord Indra whom we worship in all rituals
4.That is The Changeless Eternal Truth
5.That is The Supreme Absolute Reality
6.That is Infinite Consciousness that functions in every Being.
7.That is Self-luminous
8.That is The All-pervading Maha Vishnu
9.That is Prana, life in every living Being
10.That is Time
11.That is Agni - The Fire
12.That is The Moon.

In other words, That is everything.

Further sa eva sarvam yadbhootam yachcha bhavyam sanaatanam - That Transcendental Consciousness alone is all that was in the past, and all that will ever be in the future - That is Eternal.


He now recognizes himself as:

chinmatro’ham - I am that objectless infinite unchanging conscious Being, which illumines all the objects of awareness everywhere. I am That Pure Consciousness.

aham sadasivah - I am, at all times, The Ever-auspicious, Absolute Happiness, Absolute Fullness, Absolute Reality behind this entire creation

trishu dhamasu - In all the three states of existence and experience, namely The waking, The dreaming and The deep-sleep states, and also in all the three in-between states of existence and experience

yadbhogyam yadbhavet - whatever is, or whatever can be the kind of experience

yadbhoktaa yadbhavet - whatever is, or whatever can be, the role played by the experiencer

yadbhogascha yadbhavet - whatever is, or whatever can be the object of experience in all of them, I remain as That Pure Infinite, Unchanging Consciousness.

At The same time

tebhyah vilakshanah aham - I, as That Pure Consciousness, am uniquely distinct from, and totally independent of all kinds of experiences, all kinds of experiencers, and all kinds of objects of experience. I, as Pure Consciousness, transcend all of them.

saakshee aham - as That Pure Conscious Being, I am The Ever-present Witness in all states of existence, for all forms of experience.


mayyeva sakalam jaatam - This entire creation is born of ME, The Pure Infinite Consciousness alone

mayi sarvam pratishthitam - This entire creation and everything in it, have their being in ME, The Pure Infinite Consciousness, I am

mayi sarvam layam yaati - This entire creation and everything in it ultimately resolve into ME, The Pure Infinite Consciousness that I am

tad advayam brahma aham asmi - I am That Brahman which is The ONE without a second, ONE which is all-inclusive, all-pervasive. I am Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva all in ONE.


anoh aneeyan tadvat aham eva - That which is smaller than the smallest particle of matter one can think of, That is what I am. At the same time

mahaan aham asmi - I am great without qualification, which means I am bigger than The biggest one can think of. I am smaller than the smallest, and at the same time, bigger than the biggest that one can think of, which means that I have no dimensions.

visvam aham vichitram - This entire amazingly variegated Universe that is what I am.

puraatanah aham asmi - I am ancient at all times. I am Eternal. There is no date of birth for me, I am unborn.

purushoham asmi - I am That Paratpara Purusha, The Poorna Purusha, The Purushottama. I am The Whole, All-inclusive, All-pervasive, Undivided and Indivisible Being.

eeshah aham asmi - I am The Lord of everything.

hiranmaya aham asmi - I am The Totality of All-knowledge

siva roopam asmi - I am The very manifestation of Lord Shiva, Ever-auspicious Absolute Happiness, The Absolute Reality behind all existence, That is what I am.


By T.N.Sethumadhavan, August 2010 []

A Prelude about Kaivalyopanishad (Kaivalya Upanishad)

The four Vedas – Rk, Sama, Yajuh and Atharvana – are known to be the primeval source of the scriptures. The Upanishads form the end portion of the Vedas. The Kaivalyopanishad appears in the Atharvanaveda. It explains the transcendental Reality, Brahman and the means to attain it.

The text, states Paul Deussen – a German Indologist and professor of Philosophy, is particularly beautiful in the way it describes the self-realized man who "feels himself only as the one divine essence that lives in all", who feels identity of his and everyone's consciousness with God (Shiva, highest Atman), who has found this highest Atman within, in the depths of his heart.

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