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Past: I have had a serious health issue since the 1990’s. I saw what was a tendonitis transform into arthritis and leukemia over the years. Recently I had a bone marrow transplant with great success. The transplant also cured the arthrisis and for the first time in more than 20 years I could walk like a normal person and even run. Wow. And all the doctors said the bones were fused.

Health Problem. It came back but under a different form. The new immune system attacking the lungs. Result: No lungs left, unable to walk, even more so that before. But now death is much closer since with these lungs I’m way more disabled, and at risk.

Problem or Illusion? :
I have tried over the last 2 years the passive non-dualistic way and I have accidentally uncovered layers of beleifs etc, that made me more relaxed and calm. Non-Dual 'Love' relieves all fear and stress. But the lungs do not improve.

MY dilemma:
The non-dual life I’m experiencing is too passive, I’m lazy, and most unusually very neutral, I mean no desires. No desires, no need for money, no need for anything much. No need for food. What keeps me eating is a newly developed stomach ache. As a result, I don’t take care of myself well.

Healing, seems, demands some physical work and work at the belief & emotional levels. Physical work without some serious motivation is impossible at this moment.

A couple of nights ago I felt very empty. No desire at all. No appreciation for beauty at all. Nothing. It felt weird and scary. There was no joy, no love and no direct connection to anything even me. No hate, no dislike. No attraction.

I'm not sure what/how to do.
1. Ignore non-dual when working for health.
2. Ignore health and live for 'now'

Issue - I'm running out of time ($avings)

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Hi Max

If I was in your situation I would let go without any resistance and embrace your imminent demise whilst still enjoying the time you have left no matter how painful it is for you know it will soon be put to eternal rest. I would totally surrender the natural forces of the universe. For now though just remember,you will not be able to experience that pain and suffering again, so why worry about it, it's just an experience like the experience of perfect health, dance with it the way you danced with your good health before it turned bad, it's not happening to you it's part of the dance of life, courage is being able to face the faceless without fear and without ever looking back. When life has become an up hill struggle it's better to take a good rest, you deserve that so much now. Give up the fight and be receptive to your fate, fighting against ill health is a soul destroying waste of time, and a waste of energy. Let nature take you if that's what it has in store for you, it has your best interest at heart. For me, I look forward to my death just like I look forward to my sleep at night. Death is like a sleep, you will soon wake up again if that's what you desire, and this time who knows you may live a life free of health problems. It's all part of the many different experiences of life. Do you have the guts to look your suffering square in the face and say to yourself, WOW is this what it feels like to feel so lousy? WOW how awesome to feel like this, because once your dead you will never be able to feel like that again, so don't you think it would be kind of fun to really go with this instead of resisting it, it's going to happen eventually at some stage in your life so why not be prepared at every moment. Life is precious so does it matter whether that life is A pain or A pleasure. Wouldn't it be much simpler to accept what's happening and feel it with every fibre of your being, that's what I'd do I know that's what I'd do. I'm already doing it now, I know my days are numbered, I am in constant pain as well, I have an incurable debilitating condition as well, but not as dire as your condition.
That's how I would approach it if it was me, but then your not me, but I hope this helps, if not, good luck with what ever you decide to feel.

From belief to clarity.

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Thanks for your authentic post and welcome.

If you have played around with the non-dual lore, you’ve probably run across the saying that an enlightened person knows the exact time of their death.  I guess that knowledge is no picnic, and no trivial joke.  Perhaps we don’t mind the dying, but resist the wasting away (how death usually happens) and the pain.

When you conquered Leukaemia, if you lived that moment fully, it was a supreme joy and a triumph.  I can imagine that being under such stress, that fully celebrating the moment could have been a difficult proposition.  Now looking back at it, it is seems like a hollow victory, since it got reversed in another tragic way.  Actually past memories are always hollow, if you are lucky enough to find that out.  Don't go there.

I suppose you are well read on immune disorders.  Immunity is an amazing function.  It can be your abiding interest.  If you define that it should pass, then you can call it a problem.  If it doesn’t need to pass, it can be defined as a mystery.  But why does it have to be an illusion?  To me maybe, or to other commentators it’s illusory, but you yourself can honour it by holding it as your reality (or your mystery).

  • Layers of belief leave their marks, uncover them.
  • Find ways to become more relaxed and calm.
  • Feel “non-dual love” to relieve fear and stress.

“I’m too passive.”

You’re not lazy.  What you describe are all classic symptoms of depression.  I won’t repeat them, you know them too well and you hit them all.  “It felt weird and scary.”  Depressed people don’t take care of themselves very well.  Fortunately you realise that.

Many people that gravitate toward non-duality are depressed.  They are seeking justification for a nothing-detached feeling, so they call it exalted.  Maybe it has its temporary good points?  I don’t see that it is sustainable for a meaningful life.  I usually try to get people to share what it gives them, but just about nobody answers.

1.  Please Work for health, against any and all odds.

2.  In that process of working on (1) live for ‘now’ in every moment.

3.  Please seek treatment for depression so that you can do (1) and (2).

4.  Please get health assistance ($) for your condition.

You have a lot you can give and a lot to contribute to the world, during your time on earth.  Please take conscious charge of it.

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Reply to richard

''Many people that gravitate toward non-duality are depressed. They are seeking justification for a nothing-detached feeling, so they call it exalted. Maybe it has its temporary good points? I don’t see that it is sustainable for a meaningful life. I usually try to get people to share what it gives them, but just about nobody answers.''


Nonduality gave me some feedback on my natural capacity to see through the illusion of life. It validated my thoughts about always existing. I had these thoughts telling me that if I was here now then I must have always been here otherwise why would I be here now. It was just a logical thought that appeared to me around the age of 18 ...
I knew I had never been born and could not die, those thoughts came natural to me.
At 18 ...I then started to look into the Nondual concept, and there it was my very own idea staring me in the face, that's when I felt like I'd come home to my true home which was homelessness, it was very liberating to know that I am carried through eternity, and that I'm not the one who is having to drag my sorry ass around with me all my life.

From belief to clarity.

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Thanks Melanie, nice to hear from you.

I see that it is very liberating to get confirmation that you as an individual are carried through life, (and beyond, however we care to interpret that).  This kind of confidence saves the endless worry and doubt that cause so many emotional forays, and sap energy.  My point is that this extra energy reserve and the courage to live life without wavering at every challenge could be expressed.  I might say “should be expressed”, or better yet, cannot help but being expressed.

It is also possible for a while to hold back on expression by defining challenges as part of an illusion, and not going anywhere near them.  Sooner or later you might realise there is a power in your courage to manifest, and you’ll become unstoppable.  Move slowly to see for yourself, if you want to get this verification.

If you interpret eternity as a long long time measured in 100’s or 1000’s of years, then of course the value of Melanie as we know her is diminished.  Then there is no reason to develop much of anything.  I am of the notion that eternal life has nothing to do with the Melanie or Richard, as we know them.  If there are challenges in eternal life, then eternal being will handle them in the Now of Always.  Nothing about that has to be considered by Melanie or Richard in this life.

That leaves me with the conviction that the Melanie as we know her, is of the greatest value.  If the story of someone else’s life that we call Non-Duality is of any worth, it will point to something timeless in order to enhance the Melanie as we know her.

That takes us back to the  starting point, once said to be dragging through life, but now rephrased to “growing through every temporal challenge” and adding value to other people’s day to day lives for the good of the planet.

Since non-duality is completely subjective, you can give it any meaning you choose.  That is my take on it.

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Thanks for your comments Richard

I really enjoyed reading your comments to my post Richard. You expressed something I myself would have said and you did it in the most agreeable way to my understanding. I loved what you said,thanks for your thoughts on the matter. Appreciated :)

I've grown in more ways than I could ever imagine thanks to Nonduality. I've learnt to accept the natural flux of life and to not favour one feeling over another.

I allow my mood to take itself where it want's to flow without resisting it. Watching my moods and thoughts rather than reacting to them with negative emotion taught me to be in the moment, it taught me to know that nothing can be done about what is happening that is beyond my control. By doing this watching rather than reacting I discovered that no thought feeling or emotion ever hung around unless I gave them permission. Every time I felt negative I would just say Hi to the feeling then I would observe it until it melted away which it always did. The space left behind from any thought or feeling felt like a secure warm blanket that was always there for me, what a comfort, just when I needed it the most, I knew this was my real home. This also extended toward other people's negative energy, I would observe their energy and not get swept up in it like I used to do.Reacting to negativity and being swept up only fuels it until it become a raging tornado. Nonduality is about staying in the centre of your being and knowing your real home is in the calm centre of the storm. :)

Nonduality taught me to live like that.

During my growing years from a baby to a child. I was not seeing reality the way everyone else seemed to be seeing it. I felt kind of different in a way. I could sense other peoples energy really intensely - I felt something wasn't quite right with the world. I remember having this burning desire to want to know who in the heck am I and where did I come from.I wasn't the depressed type, I was just very aware of stuff. I would always bounce straight back after any knock back or fall. I am a positive lively lover of life. Although depression was not a stranger to me. I have experienced it many times, only because life was not giving me what I wanted. It wasn't until I realised life does what it want's whether I like it or not that I learnt to surrender my control over how I wanted it to be.

My conditioning taught me that I was the controller of my life without realising the only control we had was to choose how we would react to what was not under our control. It's not what happens to us it's how we deal with it.

Today I have the ''Bring It On'' kind of fearless attitude - it's the only way to live honestly and productively. When you've got nothing to lose you find yourself in a world where you are king in your own kingdom. That kind of self confidence is good for the world because it shows other's that it is possible to live in a totally fearless way and not be afraid of what other people think of you. I love being alive, no matter what it throws at me, it's like everything is me anyway, it's all me, this is how it is supposed to be, so why judge or resist it.

From belief to clarity.

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Congratulations on your very aware spaces of perception.

This is a warm intimate sharing that works miracles in your life. I agree that this kind of confidence is good for the world, and a model for those that know you.  

I probably shouldn’t post this which is not advice.  Your own path of discovery is already in overdrive.  But let’s just say I like to write.

I have heard people define humanity from a pre-verbal era, saying that what primitive man was, we must still be in essence, (because of the pace of evolution I suppose, which is a verbal reasoning).  Hunter gatherer societies might have needed some few hundreds or a thousand monosyllable words to coexist and survive.

Nowadays, I believe that language is so important to what motivates and creates the world drama, that word structures must now be inseparable from what humanity expresses.  (Yes, we can visit a wordless space, but we are not able to sustain it.  And why should we?)

  • Our words are the evidence of our beliefs.
  • Our words are the source of most of our feelings.
  • Our words create or defuse our anxiety.
  • Our words form the context, or the mental fence inside of which we act and reside.

Tiny subtleties sometimes make a very big difference.  That’s why I like writing.  May I give a couple examples?

Accept the natural flux of life and to not favour one feeling over another.

That would be very difficult to do honestly, and who says you’re not allowed preferences?  But not to “reject” one feeling over another, regardless of preference is a very effective mastery.

Watching my moods and thoughts rather than reacting to them with negative emotion.

I would say that your moods are already a reaction, and a negative (or positive) emotion.  If you have now tamed the reaction to the reaction, then you can move up one notch and tame the mood.  Then the definition of exactly what is “beyond my control” is up for examination.  And I don’t have to give my moods the driver’s license to contract my body.

“Beyond my control” is a big reality in any one moment, but it is also a moving target that calls for constant examination.  Your observation that “the only control we have is to choose how we react to what is not under our control” could be THE key discovery to live a good life.

Here’s another one “Other people’s negative energy”.  Why would it be other people’s? If I can still feel it, it must be mine too?  I agree that it IS other people’s expression of negative energy. At a certain point it dawned on me that I am the only captain of my ship.  I can have smooth sailing even in the same room with other ships that are breaking up in a hurricane. Yes I do feel it when people are getting hurt of inflicting injury.

Another statement that might require inquiry is that “Life does what it wants”.  That is the overall appearance isn’t it.  I don’t know any different from that, but how could there be an “I” that is separate from its perceptions?  How am I involved with my perceptions?  Part observer, part author.  If I am stricken with illness didn’t my life long health habits have something to do with it?  If it is congenital, well, some mode of living could conceivably be in balance with the more delicate system.

How about “Bring it On”?  Maybe that is overkill when you get older.  Why challenge anything, even if it is the so-called LIFE, that is doing something to me.  Now we are finding with the delicate planet earth that we all do have something to loose.  I say it is time for everyone to acknowledge that and do their part, however they find that to be.

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Thanks Richard for your reply

The thing about words Richard is...

If someone tells me false things about myself - I'll just fly off into a verbal rage with that person because I cannot stomach those who think they have got you all sussed out just by the way I choose to express my inner most thoughts of the way I see reality via words.

Making wild unfounded false accusations of how they know all about your personality and why you say the things you say is because you were once a bitter angry teenager who rejected religion and then assumed quite wrongly that I was a know it all rebel.

Why would someone call me out with such lies that are not even any where near the truth about me.

I'm in a storm with someone here right now - I've allowed myself to get swept up into the vortex even though I'm saying in one breath that I have learnt not to do that and to stay in the centre of the storm. I guess a leopard cannot change it's spots... what you say about what primitive man was, we must still be in essence, is true, we cannot be any different.

That's not what I'm here for at never not here to be spoken to like that just because I dare to challenge a few ideas... by all means defend those ideas but don't go throwing around wild false accusations about what you think you know about that persons personality.... I hate that kind of patronising pompous attitude coming from a supposed person of peace and love, it just makes me spit.

From belief to clarity.

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Thank you again for your very honest reply.

I think that you have expressed the “dilemma of words”, if I may paraphrase.  This level of honesty on a public forum could be a call for closing this dilemma, or at least for softening it.  That doesn’t mean someone will give you an answer.  But the very expression is the beginning of your own answer.

People have found a resting place in a space without words.  I am convinced that they are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  Or they are just pretending to discard words, because words are always lurking.  I say it is now human nature to be verbal.  I am calling our verbal capacity “the baby”, because it is a precious ability, and it is also running our lives and the world.

So if words hold a power of world conflict, words will also contain the possibility of liberation.  (The device is loaded and cocked, how will it be used?)

What you’re doing is of incredible value to yourself, and to those others wise enough to pick up on it.  “Challenge a few ideas”.  I think all ideas should be challenged, and the best place to start is with all of our own.

You say that you know the centre of the storm, and that you also get swept out of that centre.  It can be energising, but it then can also become a lifelong occupation going in and out of that centre.  There comes a time to take another step.

Can a leopard change its spots, I don’t know?  Those spots that are out of sight (subconscious) for sure cannot be changed.  That is another power of words, to bring these spots into the light.  Therefore if you’re the type that gets bored with repetition (going in and out of the centre for too long of a time), then you must hold the definition that a leopard CAN change its spots. Then set out to prove where that is true.

At this point I could not build the foundation of my life on someone else’s words.  Even if many masters have said many very wise things, I wouldn’t adopt them as beliefs.  Therefore I trust in your process of challenge, more than the one who never deviates from the “right answers”.  It also means that I am not vulnerable to someone’s claims about me.  I can get into a flare when I see someone who IS vulnerable fall into another trap.  If I can’t do anything about it, at least I feel to speak out.

My message is not to discard words, because with them you can unravel your entanglements.  I believe that I am on a constant path of simplification, so it is working for me.  Perhaps these comments are not even directed at you, since these details are open to others.

You may be the excuse for me writing about it, for which I thank you.

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Thanks for your comments Richard

Words are like tools they can help us to get from A to B and toward meeting our specific requirements. They are essentially vital if we are to ever commune together as a human family on a mature and civilised level of understanding. We are in a fortunate evolutionary stage of development in that we as human consciousness have the free will to build a world we so desire.

We have developed the sense of right and wrong as our witness bares evidence therefore we know the consequences of our good or bad actions. What have discovered that to get kindness we have to be kind etc..what we give out we will get back. the universe is our mirror. We experience the mirror effect as we ourself self create it in the moment it is created via intent.

So we always know through self evident experience what action feels right and what action feels wrong. And that is called free will.

We are constructing this reality ourselves, therefore are responsible for it's outcome. We can change it any time we like if we are not happy with what we have created.

If it starts to go haywire to the point of stagnation and then start to blame it on other people we are not realising that we are all creating the world subjectively on a collective subconscious level and that we can change it any time we like.

When we portion blame on others we create the sense of separation. We see the separation exists albeit illusory and use it as an excuse to blame other.

It never dawns on us that other people are sharing the same one consciousness and do not exist individually. And that we have the ability to bridge the gap and meet up on a mind level of same basic common sense understanding.

We can only survive as a species on that level of mutual understanding. That's known as enlightenment, but most people are unaware of the notion that all is one, they see the apparent separation and operate from that sense of separate self. They usually go for the good 'I' rather than for the good of the whole.

This is dangerous situation for oneness consciousness. The only way we can survive and prosper as a human family is to awaken to the illusion of separateness into our oneness.We have that power to manifest this understanding realisation, but the majority are not aware of it.

words have helped us awaken to oneness because those that have awakened have been able to communicate via words to others that they too can be awake. They can never communicate what being awakened actually is - only that they are it. An endless cycle of friction is set into motion the moment one tries to communicate what enlightenment is... we can communicate it's path, but we can never reach the destination of this path because that cannot be experienced directly, it's a feeling and a knowing only.

The danger starts when someone thinks they are enlightened and then tries to sell it to you as if it actually existed, by all means talk about the journey toward it but don't claim you own enlightenment because that will cause jealousy and resentment. Enlightenment cannot be an experience, anyone claiming it can is a fraud. I don't trust anyone who tries to sell you enlightenment. Talk about the journey yes, but no one on this earth knows the final destination.

That's why discussing nonduality and attempting to put it into words is always futile. You cannot access the concept directly. It would be like trying to describe the taste of orange to someone who has never tasted one before.So until you have sensed something for yourself no outside agent is ever going to be able to know enlightenment, they can help guide you along the path toward it but not give it to directly.

What really makes my blood boil is when someone claims to be enlightened and then writes about it on a nonduality forum claiming they are enlightened and if you don't understand what I say you cannot be enlightened. This kind of mentality is what makes the whole trying to discuss nonduality one bid egocentric mind screw.

And then to add fuel to the fire they say you cannot have reached enlightenment because you quote other enlightened being out of context..and thus the madness goes on and the fur start to fly out of frustration in trying to tell someone that you know what enlightenment is so how can you tell me i don't just by how I decide to express it in words, which is's madness I tell you.

Just because you do not understand the ways in which they have reached their realisation doesn't make you not realised. When this happens is when I know the person claiming to be a guru is a fraud.

You can't teach or talk about enlightenment or nonduality, it's even dangerous to do so because it destroys people dreams of themselves. when people are ready they will have the courage to look at it, until then it's keep quiet let them sleep.

No one can know reality directly, we can only speculate and theorize - if one claims they know the ultimate reality are lying.

Cults are born out of such mentalities. Therefore we must always be open to critique and reason, we must be open to challenge not only our own beliefs but the beliefs of others and you know when one is a fake guru is when that one does not let you challenge them without them being offended. this is the insanity of our current mentality when it comes to realising our own power and true potential.

No one actually knows anything, we make it all up as we go along hence why knowledge is an illusion.

So we are learning and evolving about who we are every day, the buck does not stop with the concept of nonduality. It's the cessation of knowledge because all knowledge is known, but it is not the end of illusion because the show must go on and it does creating ever new expressions of itself infinitely.

As self-conscious creatures aware of separate things it is imperative to have the tools available if we are to connect our separateness on a mutually understanding level of interconnectedness. Tools are great ways to get any job done no matter how difficult.

Animals do not need words to communicate, they are verbal but only in a language designed uniquely sited for their world.They are sufficiently self contained in that their nature provides their every requirement.They live according to their naturally given instinct.Unlike humans who need to use language in order to bridge the gap between apparent separate minds.Animals are the natural creations of nature and flow along with that natural condition.

Humans are maybe a little more complex in that they have the ability to co-create - they as part of the overall creation are also co-creators which adds more sugar and spice to the already state of natural creation. We see this in music, art, dance, and literature, poetry, ballet,drama, and opera,the list is endless....we have all this potential and yet we piss it away fighting wars or trying to get rich.But that's another lengthy story we haven't time to discuss, maybe later.

The foundation for a successful happy species will depend solely on our ability to understand the bigger picture always striving to work together as a team to learn and discover how the power of oneness really works and what a difference it will make to our lives.

Since everything is interconnected, and we know this instinctively, we see that when one thing fails everything else will come tumbling down with it.

So what's the key to unlocking our true potential?


Words are our building blocks and now we must go and make something interesting, instead of being stuck in the same old groove and grind of conditioned living.We can go that extra mile, stretch beyond our limits and really make a difference together, not as separate egomaniacs.

Words are our only direct communication we got to literally build a fully understandable world so we can all live in peace and understanding.Without such the world would have made no sense to us.We are creating it and we will destroy it. But only if we don't awaken to oneness.

We have created it via labels, labels have become our sight in a sense. We all see the same things simply because we are sharing the same level of understanding of what an actual object is, we know what objects are because we invented them with our words. A chair was not a chair until a subjective thought attached a label to it.

The chair could never have existed without the label. Once the label sticks - the chair is fixed in place, it will always be a chair it can never be anything other than a chair. Objects labeled cannot then change into something else. And that's why we all see the same objective world, because we have created it.

The objects in turn have created the sense of a seer through the very idea that the object exists via the seeing.

When looked at it from that perspective both subject and object give birth to each other simultaneously.And that is proof that all is one.

But this one cannot exist literally for it is born of thought. No one has seen a thought directly -a thought can only be seen in the object it has created via the seeing - the seer cannot be seen only in the object seen. Therefore the seer and the seen negate each other. Hence all is illusion because if the seer is unseen and unknown and only seen and known in it's objective self then it's an illusion, but appearing real because it is believed to be real as seen.

So the identification with the object seen is what creates the illusion of a seer. why we say illusion of a seer is because there is no actual seer there is just seeing.

The illusion appears real only when there is attachment to the object seen which we can name label as our evidence.

Words therefore have totally built a world that looks real to the senses via mental projection. No matter how much the world appears real to us, it is still only a mental projection of our thoughts - nothing could exist without our thoughts. The world appearing real can only happen in the seeing - when seeing is absent the world disappears.

We can say well yeah, the world is still there when we don't look at it, this is true, it is still there only because of our other senses, we can sense the world via touch, smell, hearing, balance, etc.... but we can never know our senses directly only in the things sensed. So even our senses are telling us there is a world out there.

The world out there can be experienced purely as and through the ability of the senses being able to detect it.

We can never experience the seer or the senses directly - but we can feel there effects. What seems real is actually an illusion and the illusion appears real because at the same time the illusion is building a sense of Self to whom the illusion is appearing.

It's a two way inter-reciprocal relationship working together as one unit. It is built on thought, and interpreted via words.

No one ever thinks of asking themself the question - ''if the thought is not there - are we there?

Sorry for the lengthy post Richard, the mouth overflows what the heart stores.

I've got a lot to say...more later.

I like your writing style bye the way Richard, I also have watched a lot of the video interviews you have done... very interesting, I like the way you challenge your guest.

I didn't get you when I first joined here, but I do now,after watching your videos. I think you have a rare natural talent for writing. You are able to communicate on a level that is pleasing to read, that's a gift.
I feel comfortable discussing with you as I sense we have a natural capacity to meet at the collective awakened open mind level, and not from the egoic 'I know more than you' level..the level that says..'' you don't know what you are talking about level..''.

I hate that!

I haven't edited this so I hope it is semi-readable and understandable, if not it's because my mouth overflows what my heart if full of. :)

From belief to clarity.

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Wowee, Melanie, You’re a river that runs deep.

I really like what you say (and all without an edit!!) Fantastic.  I don’t deny a thing you say.  Neither do I confirm what is your experience, for who am I to agree or disagree.

For me we’re here to open questions, or to share what worked for us, not to supply borrowed answers.

I would read this a few more times and perhaps take some direction on it.  I would like to distil an action step, or some options for practical engagement.  If the only option is for all to get enlightened, well, how is that practical for today or tomorrow?

Then I would ask why should we open this discussion to another chapter on the bottom of a health post that is 6 weeks old and buried under another 50 newer posts.

Please make a new post.  Or I might do it some time.

Thanks for all your thought gifted to me.

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Your welcome Richard

You say: ''If the only option is for all to get enlightened, well, how is that practical for today or tomorrow?''


It is only practical when that which appears to the senses as something real turns out to be one big fat illusion.

That's known by no one as illusion ..iow's it's imagined.

To know something is an illusion.

That's all we need to know.

Beware if someone tries to sell enlightenment to the public because it does not exist. That is what being enlightened means, it means there is nothing to understand and nothing to get or nothing to become.

Nothing in reality is real, we only believe it is, we pretend it is, and nothing wrong with that it is how the phantom survives.

Knowing this will have an enormous impact on peoples lives.

Go ahead and start a new topic if you want to talk about it. I'll talk with you, I've got a lot of ideas about why problems and health issues exist in peoples lives.

Regards, melanie

From belief to clarity.

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For me we’re here to open questions,

The thing about borrowed answers Richard is that they only appear to be borrowed from someone else, when in fact they are our own answers to our own endless questions echoing around from pillar to post.

All we've got to work with are questions because no one knows the answer to anything. Open questions are fully loaded from the start and only the questioner can answer it's own question?

We borrow answers because we do not think that we have the answer within ourself. So we look for answers in others only to validate our unknown existence.

From belief to clarity.

Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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