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Existence may be a Cleverly Designed Fun Drama....!!!!!

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Existence may be a Cleverly Designed Fun Drama....!!!!!

Look at existence sharply

Looking at existence sharply, we can conclude that existence may well be a mere fun drama. There is no bigger purpose for existence except as a Fun. You are born. Do some gimmicks in life. You are gone for ever. What else is this except a Fun? Does existence seek your permission to unfold? Do the flowers seek your permission to bloom? Life is so serious for many people. But it need not be the case. We should learn to accept life as it comes. Accepting life as it comes doesn't mean that we don't show resistance to the happenings. To resist is also a part of acceptance. It's well known that every living being seeks Happiness. We are hard wired to seek happiness. We should be active in life, but also learn to observe the life passively as it unfolds out of our bounds. Sometimes we should learn to be a passive spectators in life. Life may be a perpetual game for us. We may come and play for infinite number of times in different bodies and with different roles. Once, this is firmly grasped in mind we will never fret and fume when life takes a quarter turn.

Life is Designed to be Conflict Ridden

We have to accept the fact that the way life in general has been designed to be conflict ridden. Let me prove that. Every mind is Unique in design. Everyone thinks in a Unique way. In fact, everyone lives in a different Mental World. The Design of every Mind is such that PERCEPTIONS always vary. The beauty of existence provides room for difference in perceptions. Everyone has one's own PERCEPTION. PERCEPTIONS always differ. When PERCEPTIONS differ conflicts and differences are inevitable. For every Action there is definite Reaction resulting in a vicious circle of Actions and Reactions. A difference in ideology itself creates a sort of minimum difference. If there are 7 Billion People there are 7 Billion perceptions even though the Absolute Reality is one and the same behind all these. We should only learn to accept the inevitability of difference in perceptions and accept the results. It's quiet natural to have conflicts in a Polar Opposite world, where difference like Rich and Poor, Beauty and Ugly, Black and White, Right and Wrong etc pop up. It's only the Seasoned and Self Realized Minds that can transcend such differences and conflicts and stay aboveboard. Self Realized persons always feel sympathetic when conflicts become unavoidable among people. Self Realized people easily transcend all conflicts and live in the Unity Zone even though they may also have short term conflicts in mind.

Learn to look at your Mind Impartially and in a Non Judgmental way

Our Mind may be Confused. Sometime our Mind may Agitate. The mind may become arrogant. Sometimes the Mind may feel self pity. All we have to do is to look at our Mind impartially and not identified with it. We have to become an impartial witness to own own Mind and Actions. We have to grasp in mind that Life is a Fun Drama. We have to strongly bear it in mind that we are one of the Actors, in the inevitable Fun Drama called LIFE. How would a Drama be without a Hero, Villain and a Story Line? Who would enjoy such a drama? Like in a Football Game if there is only one Team and only one Goal Post, if each member aids the other to put more and more goals without any resistance and opposition the whole game loses its meaning. In fact it is not a game at all. This is the case with Maya also. Maya deliberately creates Opposites and Conflicts simply for the sake of fun using our Mind. There is Fun only if there are Opposites. We can't find any flaw in the Nature's Design. Every opposite or opposition is just another Fun Game to Enjoy, nothing more than that. We have to simply laugh against those who oppose our ideologies and just enjoy the game without taking anything to the Heart. If you have understood this, you have understood a big Secrecy about Life. Just try to imagine our Life as a Cosmic Drama. We have to become a Witness to all that happen in and around us, not identified with anything including our own Body and Mind. As the saying goes, if life gives us a Lemon, try to make a Lemonade out of it. Also, try to plant the seeds of the Lemon and reap some benefits out of it. The one line realization in all of us should be: ' Existence may be a Cleverly Designed Fun Drama....!!!!! '

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