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A few things about "beliefs and assumptions" and related matters . . .

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For most of us, if not all, the "mind is as it is" and our individual identity and perceptual reality flow from such. And the fact is there are many types of minds, many combinations of attributes (flexible/rigid, conditioned/unconditioned, skeptical/gullible, knowing/not knowing, logical/illogical, etc, etc). So what, if anything, does Mind reveal about a person? And who does it really matter to. . . the one who asks . . . or the one that answers? And if they are one and the same?

More importantly, can Mind realize Self? No, it can't. Hmmm.

Within this artificial and conceptual framework of uncertainty and/or open-mindedness, consider that every embodied personality expresses beliefs and assumptions, simple or complex, from a particular point of view (including so-called sages and wisdom teachers, modern or ancient). Understand that this is the case with "you".

Of course, as an embodied personality I am not exempt. So, speaking for myself, I know beliefs and assumptions for what they are, merely beliefs and assumptions (convenient or inconvenient depending on who's talking, who's listening), . . . and what they are not . . . not truth itself, not reality.

In the spirit of discovering "what is and is not personally verifiable", consider for a moment not comparing your experience of "what is" to what you've read or have heard anyone else say about the nature of "what is", and simply notice the nature of the mind's self-talk in your own head right now, and notice what is not the narrative yet hears the narrating inner voice, formless awareness itself

Experience for yourself, or not, the ease or difficulty, clarity or vagueness, of being aware of one's perceiving, where resistance or natural flow seems to occur, how everywhere you look, every sight, sound, bodily sensation, emotion and interpretation thereof is contained within spacious awareness.

Thus, maybe, you have the opportunity to personally experience (come to know and trust?) That which keeps pointing attention back to the screen of awareness even as it doesn't displace the stream of sensory data flowing within the bodymind. Maybe for a moment you are not so Mired in Mind? Maybe "you" as Awareness recognizes itself, by itself, as itself? And maybe you see that recognizing Self as such awareness is subtle. Just a subtle recognition, a subtle knowing.

How does this understanding play out in the every day relative world of appearances, crying babies, congested traffic and demanding bosses? Well, first remember that one's immediate circumstance, however it appears, is our own best laboratory for self examination and verification. Secondly, I suppose, it depends on who's asking and who's answering the queries arising from being in the world? What happens when "I" feel lost? What happens within the action figure when "it" feels criticized or belittled, feels hunger or misunderstood? What narrative does "my" mind spin around such circumstances? And, ultimately, "what" is aware of this narrative?

There's no need to imagine what it's like to observe one's mind, start right now, or not, by noticing the self-talk in your head responding to these written words and see the self-talk as the mental projection that it is, neither true nor real, just interpretative. Notice what always is before, during and after the projections cease, awareness itself, interconnected, interacting with, inseparable from the world of appearance. See mind create the conceptual reality of the content of this post (the perceptual world you're inhabiting) in this moment. And consider, this (unexamined, unnoticed?) mental activity happens daily, individually and collectively. Hmmm.

And consider further, the "world" exists, whatever we call it ("what is", the screen of awareness, physical reality, etc), it's simply our perception of it that is illusory. What we typically "know" therefore is our illusion of the world, not the "world" itself. And yes, illusions interact and engender consequences all the time, seen and unseen, recognized and unrecognized. Just look around you at the collective hodgepodge of projected illusions labeled "world news".


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