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Frightened yet?

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Ok, so things are happening. But what is happening? Right now, what is happening is that you are being invited to explore a perspective on what is going on in your world, today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Shortly before I stumbled upon the subject of non-duality and speakers and writers of it, I was relentlessly in search of what it was that moved this world. That includes explorations of psychology, philosophies, politics (Ron Paul, yay!) and a few "mystical" topics. However what I found more interesting than anything I had ever learned or experienced before was a subject of a very esoteric nature. Symbolism, symbolic literacy, ancient history and hidden agendas/conspiracies within power-structures, was and still are for me today, the most fascinating stories ever told, and also some of the most frightening ones. As I have been exploring these subjects now quite a lot these past few years I've learned more about myself as seemingly opposed to my entire youth and (short) adult life. My guess is that there are plenty of people here on this forum and site who have been more or less students of esoteric subjects and so I'd love to see the (any) response to this topic. Now let's just get down to business:

This following video is filled with projections of belief-systems and truisms, however, as you surely must know there must be an element of truth in everything. And so, this video is a short (2h 10min) lecture attempting to sum up the work of this individual named Michael Tsarion and other prominent people throughout history. In short, he tries to wake interest in this subject to make people more aware of a (darker) structure of this disorienting reality of which most people are living in complete ignorance of. This presentation contains everything from history, psychology, and mystical topics. In my experience of it, a few years back now, this presentation projected tremendously amounts of fear and literally drove me very close to insanity. However, after processing some of the information and starting to do some of my own homework, the information then simply became a matter of an alternative perspective and also opened up a few new possibilities to say the least. This topic definitely belongs in this forum.

The presentation video is divided into 6 parts, the first one being about 25 minutes, the entire presentation about 2h, 10min. Note that one does not need to see the entire video at once or in sequence as the information stands mostly independent from one another. So, without further a due, enjoy, and get ready for a little nail-biting (also, to your own benefit, observe your reactions that comes when watching this presentation):

The Origins Of Evil by Michael Tsarion [Part 1 of 6]:

Google Video description:
"A must see! Ever asked yourself where all injustice and cruelty in the world comes from? Michael Tsarion brings insight to the world we are living in. Watch this Conspiracy Con 2005 Presentation "The Origins Of Evil" with Michael Tsarion [Part 1 of 6] Michael Tsarion's free webstreams, interviews, presentations, the origins of evil, future of mankind, 2012, the maya calendar, atlantis, alien visitation, genetic manipulation, the cult of aton, akhenaton, psychic hygiene, illuminati, secret societies, subversive use of sacred symbolism, symbol literacy, divination arts, astrology, astro-theology, numerology, mystery school, irish origins of civilization, "

[Part 2 of 6]:
[Part 3 of 6]:
[Part 4 of 6]:
[Part 5 of 6]:
[Part 6 of 6]:


For those who would be interested, there is available a bit-torrent file download of circa 9.55 GB of just under 60 hours of video presentation! I don't want to link directly (legal issues) but the name of the work is Origins & Oracles by Michael Tsarion. And if doing so, please remember to contact Michael Tsarion and give thanks! You will also find the product available for purchase for those who are willing to do that. Be warned however, these are only lectures and you will have to do your own research in whatever comes up in these presentations. Off course, the videos can be enjoyed simply by themselves, but we're talking of possibly years and years of research and personal inquiry so, if you can, remember to have fun with it!

And BTW I believe the eye on top of the pyramid is YOU! Digest that you evil sadist! Happy illumination:P

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The Illuminati

I didn't bother to look at the videos but believe I know what they are about.
I studied and fretted over Conspiracies, 9-11, The Kennedy assassination, and a bunch of other sinister, shadow government, Illuminati, UFOs kind of things but finally came to the conclusion that, even if I could personally access protected files and research everything for my self, WHAT WOULD I DO WITH THAT INFORMATION? A tiny ant like me is not going to have any impact at all on the world political scene even if I personally knew every one of the 13 Illuminati families and all their "agents" out there. So, I decided to just relax, mind my own business, do the best I can and live the best, most FEARLESS life possible since there is nothing at all that I can do about the monstrously huge entities that secretly run the world. I don't bother to vote any more and I have as little to do with any government as possible. But my main objective is to LIVE WITHOUT FEAR in every aspect of my little, limited life. I believe that ppl should stand up and protest official corruption and evil any way they wish as during the Vietnam era - just not me! I'm neither a protester or a Seeker but something in the middle. I've been around long enough to see how our sinister government just steps around pathetic protesters to do it's own dirty thing so I just don't bother any more. In some ways, you could say that the world and it's ppl are going exactly where and how they need to go and that everything is PERFECT. I'm much happier now that I don't have to figure out how our own government pulled off the 9-11 attacks, staged Pearl Harbor, had the Kennedy killed, cover up UFO evidence, etc.

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People like this only plant, fear and doubt in the minds of their audience,people in general have more than enough fear and doubt to deal with. Far better to spend your time seeking peace of mind. Hallelujah brother praise the Lord and pass the hat.


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The reason I shared this on this forum is that I was sure people would understand and not get attached to the information. In essence you could perhaps say that this is as far as you can go concerning fear and aspects of Doing.

Where does this fear come from? Who's planting it? :) I know this information seems sort of sick, however this is my experience.


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