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How can there be something, except as Imagination?

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How can there be something, except as Imagination?

To exist as something there has to be Imagination. For intelligence to function, there has to be some sort of imagination. Either we Imagine everything or Imagination creates everything including us. The question is whether Imagination precedes us, or we precede the Imagination. To all my knowledge and understanding it seems as though there is Imagination only and everything is created inside Imagination. There is Imagination (Main Set), which Imagines everything and also everyone of us (Subsets). The Subsets are always part of the Main set, irrespective of their ability to move anywhere inside the Main set. The subsets can never be outside the Main set.

Body (Hardware) and Mind (software)

When we compare Body to be Hardware and the Mind to be Software, we get the question, which has come first, the Mind or the Body? We also get the question whether Mind Creates the Body or the Body produces the Mind. In all probability it looks there should be something like a Proto-Mind if not a full fledged Mind that creates our full blown Mind and Body.

Inside and Outside

We always feel that there is something Internal and External outside of us. Another pertinent question is which came to existence at First, Internal or External. The answer may be that both Internal and External might have come to existence simultaneously. This means that both Internal and External are like two sides of the same coin. Internal and External are not independent of each other. For one to exist, the other becomes Indispensable. Time, Space and all contents thereof may be Imaginations enacted by the Grand Simulator, may be called as God, if you like the term. This also means that Duality is a Grand Illusion (Maya) even though they exist as Reality. 'Advaita' or 'Non Duality' may be the Absolute Reality. We are forced to use the words 'Absolute Reality' for want of words, as all words are always approximate pointers towards an even Greater Truth, which cannot be expressed in Words. Nothing may exist apart from 'IT' except as Imagination (Maya).

What may be the Ultimate Truth?

The Ultimate Truth may be that there is only Imagination. To put 'Imagination' in a different way it can also be called as Intelligence, Creator, God, etc. The Body and Mind may be one within each other. Simultaneously the Body may create the Mind and Mind may create the Body in a stateless state. But, there may be a Proto-State beyond all existence which creates existence in it. Existence and Non Existence may be purely a part of the Proto-State. This Proto-State may also be beyond Consciousness and Awareness. We may also term it as Proto-Consciousness or Universal Mind or Simulation or God if at all we like these Terms.

One thing seems Damn Sure - The whole Existence (including all movements) itself may be a Grand Imagination. How can there be something, except as Imagination?

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