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How would an Enlightened /Self Realized person behave when he gets Alzheimer Disease?

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How would an Enlightened /Self Realized person behave when he gets Alzheimer Disease?

My father is an Alzheimer patient. He is 90 years old. His actions are the most bizarre. He won't allow anybody to leave him alone in the house. He has a very high ego. He does not believe anybody. He would talk ill about many people. He forgets everything. He becomes anxious, angry and is only self centered. He remembers his immediate needs only. He would getup in the middle of the night and start rearranging his room, shuffling everything topsy turvy. He would cut useful nylon mosquito nets and make them handkerchiefs. He has less time sense and ask for time every 10-15 minutes. He would climb on Desktop PC tower to reach the items in loft. He misplaces his dentures into waste basket and thinks that someone would have stolen it. He would get angry and shout at people when his needs are not met. He would pester everyone every minute until his needs are satisfied. He remained with similar type of qualities even when he was 50 years. He fought all that time with my mother till she died at the age of 58 when my father was 65. He would often say during those times that those who are submissive with wife are impotent. He was an Atheist till 50 years and suddenly became too much Superstitious in his later days. I am not complaining about him here. I am just describing his nature. I still accept him the way he is now.

I am 56 years. I am slowly getting dementia. I become forgetful. I am not able to recall names. I can easily remember faces but not names. At crucial times I forget important things. I may also get Alzheimer Disease sooner or later. But, what is the specialty in me? I am confident that I am Enlightened and I am a Self Realized Person. I think this may make all the difference in me even if I get Alzheimer Disease.

What may make you Enlightenment/ Self Realization a better person when you get Alzheimer?

Unlike my father I do't have Fear of Death. I don't have Ego and Greed. I don't have attachment to anything in Life. I am least expecting. I don't argue much. I love people unconditionally, as I accept everyone as they are. I don't complain much. I am never adamant. I am flexible, adaptable and willing to change. I don't trust my Mind and look at it separate from my conscious being. I can remain Thoughtless for protracted period of time and enjoy the Bliss of Self. I am confident, I am Self Realized and Enlightened.

The above are some of the exceptional quality I posses that makes me an altogether different person from that of normal Human Beings especially from my father.

I am confident that I would not be like my father if I get Alzheimer Disease in the future. I searched the whole internet how would an Enlightened /Self Realized person behave when he gets Alzheimer Disease. There is no definitive answer to this question in Internet.

Will I be also like my father in my later days, or my behaviour will be 100% different from that of my father? Time only will decide ...!!!!! But, I am very confident, even if I get Alzheimer Disease in future, my behaviour would not be as that of Most Alzheimer patients, especially like my father...!!!!! I am sure ...!!!!!

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