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We might believe that there are many varied motivations that inspire us to do what we do, and especially if we hold ourselves in high regard we may think that our personal motivations are very sophisticated and honorable.  Thus we complicate and obscure the most simple. (If you're personally convinced that there is no "you" to be motivated, go to point six.)


I would find it of great value to bring the motivation equation down to the most simple terms, or to the lowest common denominator.  

  • First we are motivated into action by a feeling.  
  • If there was no feeling, nothing would appear on the radar of our awareness.
  • (In this regard, our status quo is also a feeling.)
  • We find ourselves acting to satisfy that feeling, to prolong it or to make it go away.  
  • Therefore I think it can be said that we act only to fix our lives.  At least try this definition on for size while reading this post.
  • Then the different “tastes” of action become defined from our belief structures.

Let’s just pull in real tight so that we have a concrete example, and talk about what motivates us to post on this forum.  We read a post, “Oh, is that what he thinks about that?  Interesting.”

  • That’s new to me, or
  • I think the same way too, it happened to me, or
  • He messed up a little, it could be more clear, or
  • This guy is living in a fantasy, what a pot of imagination, or
  • Can you live a useful life with such misguidance?

A feeling arises from one of these statements.  If it is strong enough, and we don’t have another counter feeling (an over-riding fear) about exposing ourselves to other’s judgments, we move to reply to the post.


The four (or more) statements above, and the why that we want to answer are construed from our belief structures.  Let’s examine a few of these possible belief structures.


1. First and foremost of these beliefs is that we are getting somewhere, (as an individual and as a species).  If it is not a physical space we are moving to, then it is an understanding, which in turn govern our mental and emotional locations, and actions.  (I’ll use location as undefined groupings of thoughts and feelings.)  The actual groupings you can make up yourself, as I don’t need to offer you mine. (The easiest examples are feel-good, and feel-bad).


2. The next belief that we all share to some extent is that the process of getting somewhere is to find the idea behind it, and then find ways (techniques) to make that “described state” our true experience.  This is true of all that are here, because otherwise we wouldn’t be writing and reading all these amateur opinions.  To put it simply we believe that some form of truth can be approached with words and statements (albeit illusory as one of us would remind), and that there is some value in this exercise.  (And that there is some value in re-stating that they are illusory.)


A couple of things: amateur just means that no one here trusts in any expert (professional, if they exist), and we all believe in our own viewpoint more than anyone else’s.  We especially don’t respect the sincere writings of the others on this forum, which really means that we don’t respect them either.


3.  Another fundamental belief that causes posting on this forum is that the other guy is wrong.  He is misguided to believe and write like that, he doesn’t have the right to evolve in his own process and discover for himself, and that I could add to his life, put him on the fast-track, if I could try to convince him of the error in his ways.


We could ask ourselves questions about the foundation of this movement within ourselves: 

  • Are we really getting somewhere?  Is it towards somewhere or away from somewhere?
  • Does anyone doing techniques ever find something lasting in life, or if they find it, is it because  of, or in spite of what they are doing?
  • What practical good have you found in your life with techniques, and/or reading this stuff?
  • Has anyone that you have sincerely questioned admitted getting anywhere, or having their day to day life changed by the above?
  • And what good do we find in our lives by demonstrating our continued disrespect for the other, and the disrespect for their lifestyle and idea base?  At least ask, is our level of disrespect softening?
  • Then this forum posting is just a pass-time hobby with no prospect of being practical or useful.

4. I read a line from one post that intrigued me, something like: “I am tired of digging around in beliefs to try to prop up an image.” EXACTLY!


The only thing worthwhile is to dig around in personal beliefs to tear down an image.  For that I hardily support any poster.  One teacher continually said “travel light” and the only lightness that could have any value is the lightness of your own belief structures.  

  • Do we really need more beliefs to live better?
  • Are closely held spiritual tenants just more of the same fixation that has been our limited horizon for “ever”?
  • How will anything new or innovative ever creep into our experience that is already so stuffed with the knowledge of “how it is”?

5. So many beliefs come and go, which our actions mirror precisely.

  • I am really able to help with understanding, (but they reject it).
  • I am showing my respect by sincerely answering a diverse opinion, (but they stick to their guns).
  • I am demonstrating my patience by continually listening to this broken record.
  • Is my patience something that needs to be practiced and exercised?
  • Is it getting stronger, or am I wasting more and more time?

6.  A term has been coined called “non-symbolic consciousness.” and it is being said that .3% of a certain population of (generally) educated caucasians from the west live this way.  Maybe some tens of thousands, but if it was any more we would certainly hear more about it, if it is in any way meaningful to the world.  Non-symbolic must mean in a basic awareness without much languaging. Still it is not said that language has been dismissed or discarded, but just that it arises when necessary and useful.


Let's look at what motivates these people.  It is said that they live mostly in happiness, which is a good feeling.  So their actions are still motivated by a feeling. They must respect all of life forms from their new vantage point, which gives them a feeling of awe in the daily experience of their surroundings.  Maybe they don't have a lot of desires, so they happily settle into their routine.  Sleeping, waking, cleaning, cooking, perhaps tending the garden and petting the cat.  They fix the leaky faucet when it happens.  Perhaps they are playful, and if someone invites them out, they accept.  "Let's go here, let's do that."


Is this happy life of benefit to the world?  Why not?  It is not troublesome to the world.  This kind of stability can be inspirational in their relationships.  If they don't have many relationships, and they generally don't engage, are they still a benefit to the world?  It is kind of like Eckart Tolle's excuse for not engaging called "frequency holder".  If these people need to label themselves frequency holders, then they are not really living in non-symbolic consciousness.


It is also said that most often this consciousness happens only when it happens.  But many of us (the seekers) seem to be convinced that it can be pushed and forced into our experience.  Doesn’t the attempt at forcing take us 180 degrees in the opposite direction, and create a terrible life experience (of lack) for a very long time?


Why not relax in the mean time, and learn how to lessen and defuse anxiety?  I claim it is the most simple of skills?  Then you will be living with the same qualities of the non-symbolic consciousness.  All good follows naturally from a low anxiety level.

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