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I am Freewill Indeed; I don't have Freewill and hence it may be a Choiceless Freewill

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I am Freewill Indeed; I don't have Freewill and hence it may be a Choiceless Freewill

There is a difference between 'I am Freewill' and 'I have Freewill.' If I have Freewill I can lose it, but if I am Freewill I can't lose it. My very nature itself is Freewill. I don't have to exercise Freewill. It's my Nature.

When I am Freewill, I become Choiceless to exercise my Freewill and hence I am not Free at all. Then my actions becomes a Choiceless Choice. Naturally my Nature has to self regulate itself sooner or later to face the consequences of my choicelessness. I need not order my Freewill to become cautious of it's consequences. I would be a self correcting mechanism.

Dreams are 100% Freewill without any choice by me

In a sense an 100% Freewill is not a freewill at all. For example, my dreams are 100% free of any interference by me and it naturally happen in me in a Free and choiceless way. Do I interfere with the Freewill of my Dreams? Still I Dream. But, the Dreams can have its own self determining mechanism to call what is to be dreamt even beyond my knowledge and interference. Similarly, my Freewill can naturally decide upon the way it should function and meet with the consequences. Then only I am 100% Free. It should also be strongly remembered that 100% Free doesn't mean that I am not bound by Consequences. Hence, the Freewill must be self regulating.

If you take the case of Animals they are Choiceless, but they are 100% Free. They don't even know their Freedom. But, since we have the 6th sense, our Mind simply projects a sense of Choice which may not be factual. Just imagine in a Computer or Television you have only viewing permission without ability to correct the contents. Our freewill may be analogous to that. I may think that I have Free choices, but my freewill may be beyond my own regulatory authority.

It should also be understood that the whole Universe may be a 100% Freewill Mechanism. I may be just like a Single Thread in a Cloth. A cloth is nothing but integration of many such threads. Infact, the threads and cloth are one and the same.

I don't believe in 100% Determinism. Then evolution become totally meaningless. A system fully conscious can evolve only when it is 100% Free and not 100% predetermined.

'I am consciousness,' may be the Extreme Truth

'I am Consciousness/Awareness' just witnessing all actions that happen 100% Free of my Interference as 100% Freewill may be the extreme Truth about my existence.

Consciousness, as distinct from what it is conscious of, is pure, luminous and the highest to be craved for. It is what needs to be understood as free of the claim of the individual over his ownership of it and when so understood, it illumines as the sky

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