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Love and Fear are the Two Fundamental Principles of Existence

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Love and Fear are the Two Fundamental Principles of Existence

Love and Fear are the two Fundamental Principles behind all Living Beings. Love Expands. Fear Retracts. On many occasions fear also helps us to protect us and also our dear and near. All our actions fall into either Love or Fear. This is the reason, why the smallest Ant also Loves its companions and fears when its existence is threatened.

To Love is to enjoy the beauty of existence at the Soul Level. Love creates Trust, Affection, Hope, Happiness, Friendliness, Peace, Calmness, Compassion, Desire, Serenity, Contentment, Cheerfulness, Comfort, Composure, etc. So only we are always hard wired to long for love.

Fear creates Sadness, Distrust, Hatred, Disgust, Gloom, Enmity, Worry, Aversion, Aloofness, Anxiety, Jealousy, Depression, Suffering, Anger, etc. Love creates Heaven. Fear creates Hell.

Since all our actions are based on either Love or Fear, at every moment we live either in Heaven or Hell according to our Situation or Choice. We are trapped in a Binary mode of Love or Fear either outwardly or subtly at subconscious level. This is the reason we Love the Unalloyed Bliss which occurs at our Thoughtless moments (Example when we lose our self in Deep Sleep, Absorbed in Beauty, Music, Poems, Movies etc).

At a deeper level if you see there is nothing separately called Fear. Love and Fear are two sides of the same coin. Love turned topsy-turvy is Fear. Fear exists as the flip side of Love so that we will be able to realize the beauty of Love. In truth nothing exists apart from Self and Love. To be precise, to Love and not to hate others is also in the interest of our own Happiness only. Self and Love are synonymous and are Universal criteria rather than Individual.

Those who are smart choose Love as their choice of living to the highest possible extent.

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