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Much of the planet moves in cycles, and the predominate cycle is that of the seasons which affects all lifeforms.  A group of these cycles we call a lifetime.  We’ve identified the length of this cycle, and we have defined a beginning (and an end), which we call “Happy New Year”. 


Why should the next cycle be any different than the past cycles?  Our body is getting older.  Our mind has more ideas, and we may have adopted these ideas as beliefs.  Most of these beliefs act as a justification for the structure that we find ourselves in.  The structures are inevitable forms that we must submit to in order to function in society.  If we have children, the tightest of these structures might be the school district, (if we don’t want to move our kids out of their circle of friends).  We have a family, and a job and a house or apartment to maintain.  This leads to an inevitable rhythm of life that limits our options to what’s available within this structure.


So we mark the passing of another cycle, perhaps without many options to modify or improve it.  We do have some latitude with personal habits and could exercise more, or binge less.  But exercise takes energy in a lifestyle that may already be stressed, and binging of one kind or another may seem our only moment of escape.


Our structure may be of our own design, (like we studied for a certain type of college degree), or it may be by chance that we find ourselves with these relationships and these duties.  I wouldn’t say one was necessarily preferable, but a little bit of chance occurrence could be called good luck.  Acceptance of the structure is a necessary ingredient to develop it.  


How can we accept our structure more and more? Most people would say we must change it to conform to an older dream or ideal.  That brings us to create an event (the change), and most of our time is spent in contemplating or waiting for that event, (which may never occur).  It takes us into a daydream world.  A better route may be to watch what we continually say about our structure, to monitor our self-talk.  That is an active pursuit and allows for continuous incremental change of how we feel about it, and how we are empowered to move within it.


Within our structure we have interests, and these interests lead to possessions.  We identify with our possessions, and sometimes feel that “more” is better. We become a “man of means”. Our possessions may get spread out, like a summer home or a boat. Then we have a more complex juggling act by inserting distance into the formula. These possessions lock us more tightly into our structure. If we see them as meaningful they may become the reason, (another justification) for remaining within that structure.  


We move by means of our justifications, and if we can’t move very well, we also stay put by means of our justifications (our excuses).  Our justifications also control our emotional state, so we feel good, or bad because of our justifications.  Our justifications may also have a lot of agreement behind them, and they may even be conventional wisdom.  But the principle reason for them is for our personal sense of OK-ness. Structures are an inevitable part of living in society.  Therefore the suggestion is not to avoid structures, but to see the mechanism of how we continually justify our structure, which allows us to remain in it.


Then what’s the use of new year?  I called it a “Marker”.  A marker is a reminder of our structure and the cycles of life.  With a reminder we can reflect about what is fluid and working in life, and what is stuck.  We could do that every day, but at least once a year we can take this overview.  Are our justification (excuses) up to date?  Or are they obsolete?  The moment we see that, we can honestly choose another, more friendly justification, friendly toward what our real desires and values of life are.  Then our life path takes a shift.


Here’s an example.  Last year on new years day I had the thought to consolidate my forces to where I am living, and sell my condo in the USA.  My justification had been to hold on, that the value might come back. (It never did.)


The moment I set out to consolidate, it set into motion many other changes.  I had to get divorced in order to divide our goods and sell.  I had to arrange with the tenant to show the unit and move out early. When the condo sold the idea came to sell our mother’s condo, which now also sold.  All these heavy weights (obligations) were lifted off of my shoulders.  With cash I bought a newer car.  With the divorce I got married in Thailand.  With the marriage we applied and got a tourist visa for America, so we will be visiting family.


So many momentous changes occurred one after another just by changing one justification, that “real-estate values may go back up”. Now with the beginning of 2016 I don’t feel to manipulate any justifications.  Let’s see where last year’s changes will develop.  All of my forces are HERE, committed to where I am, in this moment and this place.


What more could I ask?

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Thanks Richard

Good point about the utility of markers. Recently I've been feeling like the character in the movie "Groundhog Day," who lives the same day over and over. My external circumstances have not changed much for some time, but reflecting back a year ago, I can see consciousness has changed a lot. I even "woke up" last winter after a bad fall on the ice. But we so quickly absorb a higher consciousness and take it for granted.

When people wake up, they often say it's no different from ordinary consciousness. They mean they're not in a state of ecstasy at all times. But they probably don't realize that they are also not in their previous "normal" state.

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Much love

Wow you got married, congratulations!! Looks like the experiment of your life is taking off  happy to hear. I am on an incredible journey of my own, I'm still in Glastonbury at the moment, doing lots of channeling from the Pleiadians. They are higher dimensional beings from different stars and planets, very loving and compassionate. They understand non dual beliefs but go beyond them. I tune in and do intuitive sound healing using my voice as well. There is lots of multimedia on my Facebook page light language messages

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Christmas is refreshingly not such a big deal in a Buddhist country.  The merchants in the malls try to make something out of it for building business, but on the streets it is hardly noticed.

Although the Thais love to have a holiday, new years is not such a big deal either.  I took a long walk on Dec 31st, and the streets were remarkably quiet.  Thai new years is really April 13th, called Sonkran Day.  This year is 2559, after Buddha died (= 2016, 543 years difference).  Thais also celebrate Chinese new year in February, making for three parties.

Here's what the night sky looks like with 1000's of lanterns in the sky and lasors lighting the hotels.  On other Thai holidays there are 10's of thousands of lanterns.  Five minutes later the fireworks went off in all directions, some seemingly right over our head. That's the photo I missed.



Part of the Action

We remain committed to be on the forefront of what will support life, both in your family and on planet earth. 


My interaction with you is an Experiment to further enable this vision to be true, and up to the rhythm that you are a part of the action.  


Please contribute to make this vision real.  

With Heart Felt Thanks, Richard Miller.



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