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Pure Consciousness Vs Pure Awareness

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Pure Consciousness Vs Pure Awareness

Pure Consciousness

Pure Consciousness is the common substratum of all existence. One can realize this as a Thoughtless State underlying our existence. Human beings are only capable of realizing that we are 'AWRAE THAT WE ARE AWARE' also called as becoming SELF CONSCIOUS. CONSCIOUSNESS creates a sense of SELF or INDIVIDUALITY. PURE CONSCIOUSNESS is the state of the MIND, when it is free of all ACTIVITIES. This state is PURE in nature and is realized in MEDITATION, CONCENTRATION etc. Pure Consciousness is PERSONAL, UNIVERSAL and also NON JUDGMENTAL. This may be likened to BRAHMAN as ATMAN in the Human Dimension.

Pure Awareness

Let us first try to differentiate AWARENESS from CONSCIOUSNESS before going into PURE AWARENESS:

Take for example:

1) You can be AWARE without being CONSCIOUS like driving a car in a Highway or Driving through regular routes like Going Home.

2) One can be AWARE like being in SLEEP WALK, without being CONSCIOUS at all

3) A Photo Electric Sensor can be fully AWARE and know what to do without being CONSCIOUS like opening and closing of glass doors when someone approaches the door.

4) A Child can be Aware to suck Milk without being CONSCIOUS.


6) We are AWARE while watching movies, but many times NOT CONSCIOUS at all.

7) I can be AWARE and place my car key in the key holder without being CONSCIOUS of doing it.

Having noted the above examples, now let's go to the aspect of PURE AWARENESS:

PURE AWARENESS goes one step beyond the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. PURE AWARENESS can be realized when we transcend the state of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. This is achieved slowly by TRANSCENDING CONSCIOUSNESS and staying in a DEEP TRANCE state like YOGA NIDRA, SAMADHI, DEEP SLEEP etc. This PURE AWARENESS exists even during WAKING STATE (JAGRAT), DREAM (SWAPNA) and also DEEP SLEEP (SUSHUPTI). When we forget ourselves in Beauty, Music, Nature, Sex etc, Pure Awareness is unknowingly enjoyed by us. This state is full of BLISS. This state is also realized in DEEP SLEEP. That is why DEEP SLEEP is never boring. No one will ever say that I had a very boring Deep Sleep. When you are asked whether you existed or not existed in Deep Sleep, we will be perplexed. If you did not exist in DEEP SLEEP you will not say that I enjoyed yesterday night's deep sleep. If you did not exist in Deep Sleep you can't say the approximate time when you get up in the middle of the sleep. We definitely have a sense of Time in Deep Sleep and we can approximately tell the time even in Sound Sleep without looking at the watch. If you did not exist in Deep Sleep you can not become ALIVE when someone call you by your Name or when the alarm goes. The Bliss that is available in DEEP SLEEP can be consciously realized through YOGA NIDRA, SAMADHI etc. That is why we say YOGA NIDRA, SAMADHI etc are EXISTENCELESS EXISTENCE. In this state of YOGA NIDRA, SAMADHI etc we NEITHER EXIST nor DON'T EXIST. We transcend both Existence and Non Existence. We are simply in the form of Bliss. This may be likened to BRAHMAN as BRAHMAN.

Consciousness, as distinct from what it is conscious of, is pure, luminous and the highest to be craved for. It is what needs to be understood as free of the claim of the individual over his ownership of it and when so understood, it illumines as the sky

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