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This is Self Realization

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This is Self Realization

There may not be Higher States of Consciousness, but only Higher States of Mind. Consciousness is simple, a state without any ups and downs. All variations may happen only in the Mind. If variations can occur in Consciousness also, it becomes Non-Trustworthy. That which keeps changing for ever is not a credible element. The Mind is not to be Trusted fully as it keeps changing all the time. All states of ours like Pain, Pleasure, Contentment etc are merely states of Mind only. Whereas the Mind is Individual, Consciousness is always Universal. Most of us are always identified with our Mind Part (Individual) and leave the Consciousness (Universal) to the wind. Few people who are well established in Consciousness, know the crafty nature of Mind, don't believe it, transcend it and stay as often possible as Consciousness, except for all practical purposes of living. These people are also called 'Self Realized'. Such people don't reject life, but only have a different perspective and approach towards life. They can handle life situations in a more logical and practical way than the Non-Self Realized people, who are too much carried away by the Mind. Self Realized people take up life with a sense of discerning. After all life is meant to be lived and not meant to be stripped off its grandeur. Self Realized people know that everyone is Unique and carries one's own baggage (karma) in Life. After all everyone is in different rungs of the ladder in Evolution. Self Realized people go with with flow of life, like a river easily navigates all resistance that it comes across.

The thesis is very simple

I am Universal as Consciousness, but also Local as my Body and Mind. I am Infinite as Consciousness, but finite as my Body and Mind. I am Birthless and Deathless as Consciousness, but also a temporal being in my Body and Mind. I am the God as Consciousness, but an Individual in my Body and Mind. In truth, I am You and You are me as we are all one and the same indivisible Consciousness. There is no need to go and seek God elsewhere outside of my Consciousness except as Entertainment. This is God Realization. This is Self Realization. This is the Greatest Achievement one can ever do. This is the Ultimate Purpose of our Birth. This Self Realization is also very much, HERE AND NOW .....!!!!!

Disclaimer: All contents of my write-up/blog are simply my random thoughts and opinions to the Best of my knowledge and belief and ‘THE READER’ need not consider them as ‘TRUE’ or ‘TRUTH.’ The reader may verify the Truth on one's own accord.

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