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Sometime we may have to become Mute Spectators....!!!!!

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Sometime we may have to become Mute Spectators....!!!!!

INTUITION is a Great Gift. INTUITION is always gained after multiple experiences in Life as revelations. I have always noticed people having tremendous Intuition who can foresee the future outcome in an excellent way, simply by analyzing the given parameters of the imbroglio. Many times in, Office, Family, Known Circles, etc we may come across a startling revelation as intuition in us or others, how the end results of a situation would be. It should also be born in mind that all INTUITIONS need not be CORRECT. After all, INTUITION is nothing but, jumping 10 steps ahead instantaneously, working out the final outcome with the WISDOM gained over multiple experiences in our life time.

1. In spite of our strong advice or suggestions people who are made up of INSTINCT, INEXPERIENCE and ADAMANT Character won't hear or heed any of our views.

2. INSTINCT NATURE is the Hallmark of IMMATURITY and can be ascertained with Adamancy and RIGID Attitude. INTUITION bears the signature of MATURITY and FLEXIBILITY.

3. Instinctive people are somewhat STAUNCH whereas intuitive people are mostly polite and tell everything merely as advise.

4. Instinctive people may have the attitude of, 'I know everything,' whereas intuitive people may have the attitude of,'I tell everything to the Best of Knowledge, Belief and Understanding.'

5. Instinctive people usually refrain from consulting others before taking crucial decisions, whereas intuitive people usually consult close people before taking any crucial decisions.

6. Instinctive people are highly emotional and Intuitive people are mostly calm, composed and SLOW TO REACT.

7. Activities of instinctive people will be like taking a bowl full of BOILING HOT WATER in hand and inverting it immediately without ever thinking about the consequences.

We should be able to clearly differentiate INSTINCT from INTUITION.

Instinctive people summarily reject all advice, unilaterally decide on crucial issues and during such time intuitive people surrounding them may become completely helpless. During those times, we simply become spectators, unable to do anything to correct he situation. Such people may be our closest kith and kin also. During those times, I have always felt that, Karma may be really real. I would think if there are some genuine facts in the Theory of karma? Karma may be like a bunch of muddled and entangled threads which is very difficult to unknot.

Whatever may be the Truth, whether Karma is a Fact or a Fiction, it is obviously seen that we become mute spectators, when our suggestions/advice go unheeded. During those times, I have always felt that, 'I have done my level best to inject my Knowledge, Experience and Expertise to bring the best outcome for the situation. But, still, if things go beyond my control, I just have to rest content as a Mute Spectator...!!!!!"

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