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A Story of Pristine Awareness . . .

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Awareness is pristine. Meaning nothing adheres to it, no thought, image, sound, odor, taste, or bodily sensation. Thus not directly recognizable.

Awareness is frictionless, resisting nothing. No thought, action, occurrence, or consequence. As such, there is no resistance to living, dying, or any so-called state of being.

So if "I", as a "spiritual seeker", expect awareness to reward inquiring and seeking by self-announcing, "Here I am!" This doesn't happen. Pristine awareness is ever present, thus no need for announcing the obvious.

Because no "I" exists in the emptiness between thoughts, "I" cannot find or lose awareness. There is only silent awareness . . . and, of course, the contents of awareness.

Pristine awareness does not stop mind seeking enlightenment, or any other conceptual insufficiency mind believes needs improving. As such, arguments for or about awareness are as meaningless or as meaningful as an illusory thinker thinks they are.

However, awareness awakening to itself (like right now?), naturally ceases seeking (if only for a seeming moment) and conscious awareness naturally illuminates. And in this shift of perspective, this apparent movement from dimness to clarity, there is no departing from any starting-point or arriving at any end-point, there is simply everchanging form and abiding pristine awareness.

Thus, awareness awakening to itself is not about an "I" or "Me" finding or experiencing awareness but simply a matter of Being consciously aware now. Pristine awareness is so effortless mind can't grasp it. Meaning there is no witness, just impersonal witnessing. Experiencing this understanding sometimes terrifies, sometimes liberates. And sometimes nothing seems to happen at all.

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