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A Story of Thinking Mind, Awareness and Awakening to "what is" . . .

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Awareness is aware of "Thinking Mind". Thinking Mind is NOT aware of Awareness. However, because Thinking Mind can think about awareness it believes it is Awareness. It isn't.

Thinking Mind is only the means of creating and maintaining the "mind-created-story-of-me". Thus, Thinking Mind mistakes the "mind-created-story-of-me" as "Authentic Self". It is not.

So what's going on? Firstly, Awareness is formless and silent. And Thinking Mind is reflexively fearful of such silence for in that silence there is no identity, no story of Self. But with the act of "thinking" the "me-identity" blossoms into existence and Thinking Mind believes, "These are my thoughts, therefore, I exist. I am."

So Thinking Mind, creator of personal identity (Self) compulsively "thinks" all day long as an unconscious defense to dispell inner silence and "confirm" its Existence as Self. And on those rare occasions when Thinking Mind quiets, however that happens, Thinking Mind feels like "I disappeared", . . . but then with the very next thought believes, "I'm back! Oh joy!"

So from one perspective, thoughts and concepts, though formless, are 'mental objects' that for Thinking Mind Evidence "I am." And in the absence of such evidentiary thoughts, "I" disappears. Thus for Thinking Mind, "thinking" proves "I am", that "I" exist.

However, even though Thinking Mind and Awareness are formless, Awareness doesn't require an Identity to Evidence its Existence, only awakening to itself.

And how does this Awakening (Recognition) happen? First, because no Identity is required, it's pretty straightforward. The issue of awakening is "reframed", that is, it's not Awareness that awakens to itself . . . but that "what is" awakens to "what is." This is a shift in perspective.

See for yourself. Open the eyes and "what is" is readily perceivable. Open the ears and "what is" is readily perceivable. Breathe in, breathe out and "what is" is readily perceivable. Open the heart and "what is" is readily perceivable. Open the mind and "what is" is readily perceivable. No thinker or thinking required, no knower or knowing. Let this realization sink in. Just direct perception of "what is" in whatever form or formlessness "what is" presents.

And "what is" Recognizes itself . . . in the body-mind sitting before this screen, in the trees outside, the sky above, the clouds wispy or cottony, roads leading here and there, buildings tall and small, sounds of wind and ocean, mountains massive and majestic, earth blue and white floating in emptiness, and the glittering stars all around.

"What is" is everywhere within and without, above and below, limitless; impossible not to directly perceive. So simple. So available. So obvious.

So, remember, . . . whatever "Thinking Mind" says about "what is" . . . is story, unreal, illusory. And that's okay . . . because "what is" is NOT reliant on any "story" to Be.

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