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The way most people function includes landing on some strategy. A simple example: when you're overworked you want to spend some time relaxing and slowing down. And when you get bored you look for something to do again. Let's look at it as a strategic dance, in which you adapt your identity to the situation. When you're dancing so fast that you get too many images and too much intensity, you slow down a little; when you stagnate you yearn for more movement.

Maybe looking for wisdom is also a strategic dance? Then your identity could use a wisdom that suits your needs for the moment. That's the strategic wisdom that I want to focus on for now.

Let's look at how you can influence your rhythm with strategic wisdom. When you're going very fast and you're feeling intense, you try to slow down. From strategic wisdom you could look for a pointer to a resting place, like acceptance or awareness. Then repeating that pointer to yourself is strategic wisdom that's about regaining your safety island. Oppositely, when you stagnate you try to speed up. Maybe you look for wisdom that makes you yearn, like a new meditation or inquiry technique that can bring you some new experiences. Then doing the technique over and over again is also strategic wisdom. Outwardly these two movements may seem like reasonable efforts. But there is also the possibility of a hidden payback.

Strategic wisdom always contains an element that jogs you off of balance. The hidden motives cause a split in your conscious intentions. There's also some repetitiveness in the effort to find balance with a strategy. How about approaching these off-balancing and repetitive elements with a playfulness? Click read more

People use strategic wisdom in different ways and with varying seriousness. Seriousness might be another strategic wisdom. Some find strategies at one time and stay with some of them for the rest of their life. It's reliable but it's also extremely repetitive. Others alternate between different strategies, adapting it in the moment, in a more dynamic way. That way of strategizing could even go in the direction of playfulness, but sometimes it just causes confusion. By analogy, a driver that's adaptive to the traffic is more playful than one who has only one strategy of hitting the brakes every time something happens. When you start appreciating playfulness, there’s more of a possibility to let go of some of this strategizing.

When you're strategizing your gift to yourself and others is a restraint that tends to limit playfulness. If you let go of some of that gift it will make your playfulness less strategic. You'll also seduce others to be more playful instead of more strategic. It looks like there's a lot to discover in communication about letting these restraints melt, and to explore new ways of verbalizing.



The way I use the word Strategic Wisdom, it's never transparent, because of the hidden layers. When it becomes transparent it's not Strategic Wisdom anymore.

A starting point for transparency is to look fresh at strategic wisdom. It's in all of your principles, your avoidance strategies and your hiding places. It's also in yesterday's insights that you're still recycling. Let's even be open to the possibility that there is strategic wisdom in all of your verbalizing, and every time you see through a hidden strategy another one surfaces for discovery.

The way most people come up with their wisdom strategies is by looking for dead information from books or the internet. I'm calling it dead information because most of what they'll find is an instruction on imitating someone else. Is that what you're looking for too? Is it hard to find something different? Or is it natural to be curious what other people are doing? Maybe all of it is true. Then you can use every opportunity to go into live information, even if it's looks kind of dead at first. You can do this by coming from different angles of experimentation that meet and test the information.

Let's look at strategic wisdom in a compassionate way. You've built up a verbal strategy that supports you when you're out of balance. By design, your strategy contains counter-productive elements that take a lot of effort and will always hold you back. Can you use transparency to play with a new way to support? How about an exploration that acknowledges strategic wisdom, and turns it into a verbal experiment?

Here's how to invite new way of looking at your strategic wisdom: let's expose every need that's underneath. There's a hidden need in any word you're attributing special meaning to, especially if it seems to come from a bigger perspective. Let's start with one bit of wisdom and look: what need is it built on? It could be a need to numb from the intensity or to escape emotions like boredom. Then also look at it from compassion and see it as an authentic need for this moment. It's more authentic to acknowledge your needs than to deny them by coming up with a justification and another strategy. Then ask yourself: “how could I explore fulfilling this authentic need in a transparent way?”

The bottom line is to see yearning and numbing just as part of being human. It's transformational to be transparent about being human. When we don't recognize our own needs we'll exchange the practical for the ideal, and confuse the two. But when we recognize our needs we can make new discoveries that are more effective than the old strategies. Maybe some of them will just melt away if we realize that they are outdated.

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