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There is no ME except as a THOUGHT

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There is no ME except as a THOUGHT

Pl. Click and see the following Image:

The 'Me' functions only with 'THOUGHTS' as locus. Remove the Thoughts, there is no 'ME'. But, You still exist as 'PURE AWARENESS' even when there are no thoughts. One can experience this Pure Awareness in states like Deep Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Samadhi, etc.

This Pure Awareness is the Universal Self. PURE AWARENESS HAS NO 'ME' COMPONENT. This Pure Awareness is all that exists, YOU, ME, DOGS, CATS, UNIVERSE, STARS, GALAXIES etc.

From the PURE AWARENESS the whole existence springs up. There is no 'ME' in reality. The 'ME' is only an 'EGO SELF,' a 'GRAND ILLUSION.' When the 'ME' vanishes simultaneously the 'WORLD' also VANISHES, which is also manufactured by the THOUGHTS through our FIVE SENSES.

SELF is REAL, other than it, all is fancy ~ From Tattva Bodha by Adi Shankara

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